Ben. The main protagonist.

Characters within KH:FD.


Ben - The main protagonist. (In most KH games you play as Sora, but since Sora is asleep and this game is based on Ben, you play as him instead.)

Mickey - A main protagonist, you play as him in some parts of the game. He assists Ben while he tries to find out who he really is.
King Mickey

Mickey as he appears throughout the game.


The main antagonist.

Yen Sid -  A main protagonist, you do not play as him. He teaches Ben about the Keyblade.

Roxas - A main side protagonist, Ben meets him a few times. (Roxas is in the Organization at this time.)

Sora - Ben sees him a few times, while he is in the chamber asleep.

Namine - Ben talks to Namine alot throughout the game. She helps him throughout.


Xemnas - The main antagonist. He attacks Ben throughout the game.

Heartless - A main enemy. Ben fights thousands of them throughout the game.

Nobodies - A main enemy. Ben fights hundreds of them throughout the game.

Organization XIII - Ben fights them at some parts of the game. One cutscene has Ben fighting all of them, along side Mickey.

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