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Kingdom Hearts: For True Story is a somewhat-canon fan-fiction that stemmed off from the final battle between Roxas and Riku at the end of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. In this version, a different outcome occurs, one where Roxas defeats Riku and continues on his path to free Kingdom Hearts from Organization XIII's clutches.


Join Roxas on his quest to figure out how to save Xion from her untimely fate at the end of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Will Roxas be able to overcome Organization XIII and their manipulative leader--Xemnas--to save Xion? Will Riku find a way to wake Sora? And is anyone else attemtping to benefit from Xion's untimely death...?

All shall be revealed in the upcoming chapters of Kingdom Hearts: For True Story!

Character ListEdit

World ListEdit


Fighting For Xion SagaEdit

Chapter One: The Dark CityEdit

Chapter Two: Organization XIII's StrongholdEdit

Chapter Three: Unawakening: The Thirteenth RetributionEdit

Chapter Four: The Hunt For Roxas BeginsEdit

Chapter Five: The MemoriesEdit

Chapter Six: Regret And BeginningsEdit

Chapter Seven: Dark Union's BeginningsEdit

Chapter Eight: Riku ReturnsEdit

Revenge Against Organization XIII SagaEdit

Chapter Nine: KidnappingEdit

Chapter Ten: Memories Of A Distant FriendEdit

Chapter Eleven: Death And Dark Re-BirthEdit

Chapter Twelve: Prelude To WarEdit

Chapter Thirteen: Tears Of FlameEdit

A Fight For The Future SagaEdit

Chapter Fourteen: Infinite ChaosEdit

Chapter Fifteen: Pieces In PlaceEdit

Chapter Sixteen: Truth Behind LiesEdit

Chapter Seventeen: Sora, Roxas, Or Ventus?Edit

Chapter Eighteen: Distant Memories, Neverending DreamEdit

Chapter Nineteen: Deep DiveEdit

Chapter Twenty: Darkness Of The UnknownEdit

Chapter Twenty-One: What I'm Made OfEdit

Reality SagaEdit

Chapter Twenty-Two: Another Side, Another StoryEdit

Chapter Twenty-Three: Hearts In WaitingEdit


  • The side-title "For True Story" stems from the music played during the final battle between Sonic and Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Even though the reason for this subtitle is never fully explained, it can be safely assumed it is because no matter who won in the end of that fight, a final story took place that could not be avoided.
  • This is the first in the "For True Story" series made by INFERNOX.

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