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Kingdom Hearts: Legend's Quest
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Developer(s) SoraDragonCalibur
Genre Action RPG
Game Modes Single Player

Kingdom Hearts: Legend's Quest is an Action RPG, such as other Kingdom Hearts games are. Although, in this game the events of what happened from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep to Kingdom Hearts coded never happened. You will get to custimize your original character. After beating the game once on either Light or Dark, the player can go online and meet other people in an online commuinity wherer they can talk, team up, or fight with thier friends.

Annoucement: I have cancelled the Dark Story. I have a storyline in mind, and I want to continue it. If you wish to, make the dark story yourself, just come to my talk page (SoraDragonCalibur) and ask.

If you haven't already read the sequel, it's right here's_Quest_II_Destiny_of_the_Slient_Generations_Passing_On

Customizing your Character Edit

You will get to choose the following from name, gender, hair color, hair style, eye color, clothes, starting keyblade, and most important plot element, Path to either Light or Darkness. Hair color can be choosen from black, brown, white, sliver, blue, red, and blonde. Hair style can choose from hair like Sora's, Roxas' , Riku's, Terrra's, Cloud's, Leon's, and Sephiroth's for males. KH1 Kairi's, KH2 Kairi, Larxene's, Aqua's, Yuffie's, and Aeirth's for females. Eye color can be choosen from Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pale Yellow, and Brown. The player has to choose clothes from Kindom Hearts characters or Final Fantasy chacters that have appeared in the series so far. The player has the option of which keyblade he/she uses Kingdom Key, Way to Dawn, Destiny Place, Kingdom Key D, Fresh Breeze. Earth Shaker, Rain Fall, and Vanitas's keyblade.

Story Edit

The player takes the place of Sora, thus making them that incarnation's "Sora". Although he doesn't actualy exist in the story, the player takes Sora's role as main character and replaces him in that dimension. The game starts off as the player will be training(you will not have your keyblade at this point), then he/she hears a noise. The player runs to the source only to find heartless waiting for him/her. A corridor teleports the player to the Station of Awkening. They will go choose their dream weapon like how it is in Kh2. He/She is teleported back and fights the heartless. A mysterious man will appear before you. This is where the Path comes into affect.

Story (Light Path) Edit

If the player chose the Light Path, the man appears in a Organization Coat(he's not in the Organiaztion or a Nobody, he just wears it) would a very strong keyblade master named Xesthan. It seems as though he hasn't been seen in 15 years. Xesthan says "Allow me to unlock your ability to wield the Keyblade." The player's selected keyblade apppears in they're hand. The player is asked if he/she wants to be his apprentice, he/she accepts and leaves Destiny Islands with him on a Gummi Ship. They land in Brightful Light Plains where the player will be trained until he/she becomes a Keyblade Master. The player trains with Xesthan for 3 months learning all the basic spells and makes great progress in the training. One day, a messenger arrived, with bad news. The Message was from an old journal left behind from a keyblade master the message contained:

July 17th, 1550E

Dear Xesthan,

Ever since you left, I sensed great danger. I've researched and investigated for 15 years on this matter. It seems to be that, Darkness is returning,

I don't know how,but we must find a way to stop it. I've warned Eraqus and Xehanort as well. Eraqus knows much about this.

You will have trouble finding his homeworld for it has been relocated for some unknown reason. The same thing appears to have happend to Xehanort.

Come to Keyblade Graveyard for I--*explosion* Darkness is coming for me I'm sorry Xes-(incomplete letter)

Master Xesthan looks through the world map and sees that Keyblade Graveyard has also been relocated. He tells you to find Master Eraqus while he looks for Keyblade Graveyard. As Xesthan leaves in his keyblade rider he whispers to himself, "Kajin, what has happend to you? I hope you're still alive." The Player is left with a world map of thier own, before the player embarks the Messenger says there has been strange activity in this world and asks them to see what they can do. The Player heads straight to town and investigates. He/She finds two foot prints and figures one of them came from the heartless ,but doesn't know what the second one was. They ask an old man near by and he said it came from a blue creature and headed to the forest. The Player goes into the forest searching until they find Pete with heartless. The Player hides behind a tree for a closer look . They see Pete talking to Malificent on the hologram. The Malificent says to Pete "With Xesthan absent this world should be easy to take over. Do exactly as I told you before. Oh, and deal with the rat behind that tree" *hologram fades* Pete sends the heartless to attack you. Right after The Player defeats the heartless Pete calls out a Unversed boss and The Player says "So that must be from the footprint I saw earlier." The Player defeats the boss and Pete flees. The Player decides to embark on thier Journey and leaves on their Gummi Ship.

The Player goes to Halloween Town. He/She sees Jack Skellington planning something for Hallowen. Suddenly, Unversed come out of no where trying to kill the civilians. The Player says "I saw one of those things before. I know for sure they aren't heartless." The Player defeats them and Jack thanks them and asks for their name. The Player asks what those things are(here Unversed are different from the real Kingdom Hearts). Jack explains that the Unversed are created by certain beings with Darkness in their hearts and the only way to get rid of the Unversed is to kill the ones that are creating them. The Player asks if the same thing will happen to the heartless. Jack says "That's impossible. The heartless have existed for thousands of years, they will always be around." Jack notices the Player's keyblade asks them if they have a world map. *The Player shows him the Map* Jack says that if The Player helps him find the "Darkness Enchantment Crystals" he can use them to reveal the worlds The Player has to go to. The Player agrees and both of them start searching.* Jack Skellington has joined your party* The Player and Jack come across a cliff below seeing an Unversed boss. Jack:"See that? There are six crystals, and are inside a powerful heartless or unversed. The only way to get them is to defeat them and the crystals will come out." The Player and Jack defeat boss and collect the Crystal. Jack:"If we keep this up, we will have all of them." The Player and Jack keep defeating the bosses and collecting the crystals, until there is 1 left. They make it to Oogie's Manor and Jack says they have to defeat the next heartless before Oogie Boogie notices they are there. They defeat a Darkside in Oogie's "Game Room". The Player and Jack try to leave when Oogie's heartless steals the Crystals. "Trying to interfere with plans? Now I'm going to--" Jack" Eat the crytals?" Player:"And become more powerful?" Oogie"Yup." *Player faceplams* The Player uses strike raid and cuts off Oogie's left arm. Jack gets the Crystals and tells you to defeat Oogie while he gets to the lab.*Jack leaves your party* The Player kills him and catches up with Jack in the lab. Jack:"Good you got here just in time, I was about to start. Now all that needs to be done is to Lay the Darkness Enchantment Crystals on your World Map, then I will use a spell for a Keyhole to appear, and you seal it. *The worlds are shown on the map and the Keyhole is sealed* The Player tries to leave when Jack asks if he can come with him/her. Jack says he can tell the player is on a dangerous journey and he shouldn't go alone since the darkness may try to consume him/her. The Player agrees and they leave on the Gummi Ship to the next world, Neverland.*Recieved the Decisive Pumpkin*

( Cutscene: At an Unknown world, Fortess) A Man in a black coat "That Boy/Girl is stroner than I thought. The apprentice is strong for their age. I have yet to see his/her full power. I have a mission for you apprentice!" Apprentice(face not shown):' Yes, Master?' Man in Black Coat "Make him/her submit to darkness, do anything necessary. If he/she doesn't submit and you have no choice kill him/her. Apprentice"As you wish, Master" *fades into a corridor*

(Neverland: Islands) Player: Where are we? Jack: We appear to be in a group of islands. We should look around. (after fighting through a series of heartless and unversed) Peter Pan: Pirates, huh? It would be 2 on 1, I can't take them on myself. I'll just have to lay a trap. Player: I think we're about to get in a trap. Jack: Come on. What could possibly go wrong? *falls into hole* Peter Pan: Did that Captin send you guys to kill me again? Player: No, what? (The Player defeats Peter Pan) Player: Jack are you okay? Jack: Yeah, no worries. It looks like you knocked him out. Player: Yeah we should keep going until he wakes up. *fighting another series of enemys* Player:  Why do these things keep coming from every angle? Jack: No, thier just after the keyblade. Hey look! There's a ship, maybe they could point us in the right direction. Come on! Player: I have a bad feeling about this. Jack: Hey over here! Could you get us to the nearest town by any chance? *Captin Hook notices Jack carrying Peter Pan* Captin Hook: Sure, why not? (The Player and Jack get into the ship) *Captin Hook uses a Sleep bomb on them* (The Player and Jack wake up in the Prisoners chamber's.) Player: I told you this was a bad idea, and since when could Skellingtons go to sleep? Jack: I just thought we needed help. Peter Pan: Well, look who's awake? About what happend earlier, I understand. Tink was in my pocket the whole time. Here now you can fly. *learned Glide* Peter Pan joined the party* (The party fights another series of enemies upon getting at the top of the ship) Jack: Really, this place has really bad secuirty, almost no one's here. The Player: Let's hurry up and continue with the quest. Captin Hook: Where do you think your going? The Player: Look, let's just skip to the fight. *the party defeat Captin Hook. With the shockwave done by the Player's attack he was knocked off board.* Captin Hook: Curse you Peter Pan! Aw! What's that? It's after my other hand! *crocidile bites off his other hand and kills him* Peter Pan: At least I won't have to see him again. Player: This was a waste of our time. Thanks Peter. Peter Pan: Your welcome. Hey, I'll take you to England, there's a shop over. I think you need to restock on items. *Fairy Harp recieved* *Peter Pan leaves party* Jack: Okay we should get going.*The Player seals Neverland's Keyhole* (The camera shows Riku on the Clock Tower.) *Riku uses Dark Firaga and the party dodges easily* Riku: It seems you've improved,(the player name). *gets to the sidewalk* Jack: You know him? Player: Yeah, he's from my Home World, a friend of mine. Riku: It's too bad, according to Master's orders, I have to kill you. *summons Vanitas' keyblade and goes into Dark Mode* Player: A Keyblade? *summons equiped keyblade* (barrier appears and keeps Jack away from the Player. *The Player and Riku engage in a Intense battle ,but when the Player's Sonic Blade meets Riku Dark Aura, there was an explosion that wounded them both greatly, ending in a tie.* Riku: It seems none of us can continue, let's fight again on another day when the time comes. *leaves in corridor of darkness* Jack: Are you all right? Player: Yeah, let's get to the Gummi Ship.

(The Unknown World Appears again with the Tower) Unknown Man: Ah, the boy/girl is powerful indeed. Within time, my life long dream will come to pass. *cutscene ends* The Gummi heads to the next world ,Olympus Colosseum.

Jack: There's going to be a tournement, maybe we'll find the being of dakrness there. (the party gets the Colosseum) Phil: Don't even think about entering, you're just a kid and a Skellington.  Jack: You're saying we're not strong enough? Phil: Exactly. If you really want to enter, you have to prove yourself to me that guys are strong enough by defeating them *points to a Wizard, Archer, and Warrior* Tell me when you're ready to fight. *The Player and Jack go to Phil and tell him they are ready.* The Player easily defeats them using reflect to send back the Wizard's magic at all 3 of them* Wizard:No wonder the keyblade chose you. You defeated us all at once. If you want to fight us again just ask. (The Player has the option to fight them whenever they want) Phil: Not bad kid, but there's one problem. This tournement requires you to compete in a team of 3. There's only 2 of you. You still have time to get 3rd member, 3 days after today. Jack: We haven't had any rest since you came to Halloween Town. Let's rent a room at a Hotel for the night. The next morning,  *heartless appear*  *defeats heartless as more keep coming* Jack: There's to many! *Mickey arrives and help them* Player: Anyway, who are you? Why are you here? Mickey: Let's get into your room, I have much to tell you. (5 min later) Player: Yen Sid's world is relocated to? Mickey: Yeah, I was sent to help you on your quest, to find Eraqus. So why are you here? *The Player tells him about destorying the beings of darkness* I thought that if I followed the path, I might find Eragus. If I find him, we can get a plan ready so the darkness can be destroyed. Why do I have to find him anyway, can't he come to us? Mickey: Once worlds get relocated, most don't allow people to travel out of them until someone visits the world. That might be the case, even the Keyblade Rider can't get through. Player: Alright, let's go to the Collossuem, we're suppose to do one exercise there once each day. (3 days later) Phil: Alright kid, be careful there are alot of strong fighters out there. You might get killed, I can't do anything about it. You can't interfere with the match, there's a barrier so no way out until the fight's over. *The party defeats all of the opponents leading up to the finals* Hades: Ah, yes 2 keyblade wielders. If I can defeat them both I can trap them in a dark hole and make them a servant of darkness. Oh, yeah it's time. Final match: The Party(the player names the team) vs Hades, Ice Titan, and Cerberus! Let the match begin! Jack: You've got to be kidding me. *After a long hard battle, the party wins, killing Ice Titan and Cerberus in the process* Hades: Curse you! Die! *summons Rock Titan* You are all worn out! you can't win!  *The Party manages to kill the Rock Titan* Hades:I'll get you for this! (he leaves) Phil: I present you 3 a prize (Jack gets a Mage Robe, Mickey and the player get Hero's Crest) *The Player seals the keyhole that's on the the gate of the colussuem*

(In the Underworld) *Hades bangs the table* Hades: How could I lose?! *Malificent comes from a Dark Corridor* Malificent:  I have the perfect way to defeat them. Hades: What might you suppose? Malificent: I'll inform you of my plan on one condition. Hades: What? Malificent: Remember when you sent me a love letter 1 week ago so I could go out with you? Well, it was pathetic! If you want me to reconsider, you'll have to do as I say. Understood? Hades: Alright, alright. I'll do as you say.

  • A ball of data appears out of nowhere and tries hit the part, the party dodges* *Data Heartless and Unversed appear* Enemies: Must destroy hostiles.  *The Party defeats the enemies. What was that? Mickey: I didn't see this coming. Jack: Hey! Look! There's a Big Poster. (Poster: For the next 2 weeks, the Gummi Ships won't be leaving, also the Struggle will start in 2 weeks as well.* Player:  *rips poster* Jack: Well, it looks like we need to rent another Hotel Room. Mickey: Yeah.   (The next day) Mickey: I can't believe it, they tried to kill me with a mouse trap and sell me to the pet store. Jack: They were going to put me in a cemetary.  Jack: 13 days of this right? Mickey: Yeah. *the party puts their heads down* Player: This is a drag. Mickey: Let's try looking for the guy who's making those DATA projectiles tomarrow. (Scence ends) 

(Later that night) Mickey: Will we really find the one behind these data projections. Player: Sure we will. There's no way the one behind all of this can hide forever. Jack: Yeah, your're right! With the 3 of us, there's no way we can be defeated. Mickey: It's nothing, come on. Let's just go to sleep. (Morning) Mickey: Where should we start? Jack: We should go to the library, if we get there, I can surely find something in the science section. Player: Sounds good, after all you are a Scientist and Mage after all. (30 minutes later) Jack: Alright, we're here. I'll start looking. Mickey: I'll try the Magic Craft section. Player: I'll go to history. *after 2 hours of searching* Player: I can't find anything, ah let's see. *a Book glows Saphire* Player: Hmmm? *looks at the book* Title: Opposite of Human Life and Light *the player looks through* I found it! Book's Text: Through the power of Necromancy, it is possible to materilize these beings into orbs, Crystals, Rings, and anything that's enough for them. Once done, he who has done it can control them at will. Only a being with a strong force is able to do so." *Player runs to the others* Mickey: I found out that something like this was probably done by an advanced computer with some kind magic. Jack: Yeah, I found a book saying that a advaned computer such as the one we speak of, is being used by a very intelligent being. Player: Guys! Jack and Mickey: What is it? Player: Look at this. *They read from the same content and everyone sits down on chairs* Jack: So Necromancy is being used, strange. Necromancy practice is illigel in many worlds for how dangerous it is. Mickey: I think some kind of magic is involved, maybe the Magical Type of Alchemy. Player: And the Scientific kind of Alchemy as well. Mickey: What should we do? Jack: Let's go around town and see if we attract the attention of the Data enenies. *The Party gets out of the library. (5 HOURS LATER) Jack: Oh right. Anyway, they're here. *the party defeats the data heartless and Unversed* Player: Jack, I think I know where to go. Jack: Where? Player: Well, I heard about the Abondoned Mantion. The one we're looking for might be there. Mickey: Sounds good. Jack: Yeah, let's check it out.

(another 2 hours later!) Player: Now come we're here. Mickey: Why is there a big lock there? It can't keep us out. We could just go over the gate. Player: I know, let's just get rid of it anyway. *unlocks the gate* Jack: I sense something here, it feels just like Oogie's Manor, only much stronger. It pales in comparison. We better be on our guard. (The party enters the mansion) Player: There may be Data Heartless and Unversed here. Since the one behind all of this could only be here. (Mean while at the computer room)  (the screen shows the party entering the mansion) ( man in red robes is shown) ???:So, it's about time. The 2 keyblade wielders and one of the most powerful wizards has come here. Perfect. I shall send my pets to fight them while I get ready. (30 minutes later the party is almost to the computer room.) Player: Alright, if we go through that door, he'll be on the other side. Are all of you ready? Jack and Mickey: Yeah. *They enter the room* ???(shown in a red cloack): Well if it isn't you 3? *points to Jack* Jack Skellington, age: deceased, you were born dead and yet you live. Homeworld: Halloween Town. Love Interst: Sally. *points to Mickey* Ah, Keyblade Apprentice to Yen Sid, Age:22. Homeworld: Disney Castle. Occupation: King of Disney Castle. Love Interst: Your wife Queen Minnie. *points to Player* Keyblade Apprentice to Xesthan, a famous keyblade wielder not seen in 15 years. Age: 14. Homeworld: Destiny Islands. Love Intrest: You have none. You were born with no emotion in feeling love, one of your greatest strengths I may add. I would wonder how that would be. Party: Who are you? Why do you know about us? ???: You can call me Diz. If you defeat me, I'll tell you what you want to know. Although, that may not happen as I use Necromancy, Magical Alchemy, and Science in Alchemy. Mickey: Why were you trying to kill us? Diz: I was merely trying to steal your souls, not take away your lives. I never would do such a thing. Jack: What are you trying to do with the souls? Diz: I'm going to use them to make the long lost ancient relic, the Philosopher's Stone. Party: !!!!!!!!! Diz: In making the stone, I can open the door to Kingdom Hearts and reign over the entire universe. Player: There's no way we'll let you do that! We' will not be defeated. Diz: You think it's that easy? Alright then. If we're going to fight we'll do it in equal numbers. *summons Artificial humans* These are Homunculi. I created them with Necromancy. All 3 of you will bow down to me!  Player: Let's go. (Everyone charges, battle begins.) (The Party defeats the Homuculi) Diz: Impressive, but you cannot defeat me, I know all of your moves. Jack: Should we do it? *Player and Mickey nod* Jack: Magic Burst (A blue aura surronds him) Mickey: Light Seeker! (a light aura surronds him) Player: Divine Light!(a white aura surronds him) Diz: What is this? This techique isn't in the data! Such, power. *fight continues, but the party easily wins* Diz:(breathes heavily) How could I be defeated? I used Necromancy.........why? ARHHHHHHHHHHH! *the mask falls off and yellow dust is shown* Mickey: Ansem the Wise? Ansem: Thank you, you saved me. Player: What's going on? Mickey: Well, he's a friend of mine,but I don't know how he got this. Ansem: When I was doing an experiment, I failed and was possesed by darkness.Ansem: I know about your current situation so I'll give you my datapad and it will direct you to The Land of Depature. Although, the you can't get out this world for another 6 days so, you might as well enjoy yourselves. Jack: *Looks at the computer screen*  *Seals the keyhole on the computer screen* Yes! Player: Thank you. We really need to go. Ansem: Before you do, take these. It's a gift from me. *Jack gets a Nercomancer robe, Mickey gets Kingdom Key D, the Player gets "Hell Flame"(a keyblade resembling Kingdom Key only with Red on the blade and orange on the handle) Mickey: How did you get this? I've been searching for 10 years. Ansem: These are rare and powerful items I've gathered over the years, I'm sure you'll make good use of them. *scene ends* (The next day) Player: We might as well do what we want until we can get out of here.

  • 5 Days Later* ( The Dark Tower is shown again with the Unknown man in the Black Coat) ???: That apprentice is stronger than thought. He's/She's no ordinary boy/girl. It looks like the only ones that can kill him are the Masters during the time of the Keyblade Wars. *Summons 5 Figures holding keyblades* Defeat him/her, don't come back until he is dead. *the figures disappear* Riku: Couldn't you just have me take care of him/her? ???: They're going to do more than kill him. Just stand back, and watch them suffer. (Scene ends)

(The screen shows "The Land of Depature on the world map") Player: Now I can finally comeplete my Master's task. (The Party lands the ship at the docking bay) Mickey: I don't see him anywhere. Jack: Maybe we can ask for directions. Player: Exuse me, but do you happen to know where I can find a Keyblade Master? Man: You mean Eraqus? Player: Yeah that's one. Man: What business do you have with him? Player: My Master sent me to find him. Man: So you're a keyblade apprentice? I haven't seen one in 15 years. *Points North* Go through the District, then they'll be a forest, go right and you get to town, keep going straight and you're there. Player: Thanks. *10 minutes later* Player: It's quite peaceful here, no heartless or Unversed. Let's get inside. *The Party apporches the door* Door: Only wielders of the key may step foward, in the path of light, only pure beings are accepted. *The Player and Mickey use thier keyblades to unlock the door and enter* Master Eraqus:*Meditating* Apprentice of Xesthan, Mickey, welcome. *stands up* You've arrived. Come over here take a seat, make yourselves at home, you've had a long journey. We'll take about the matters at hand. *The Party explains everything that's happend so far* Master Eraqus: I see, well the only 1 being of darkness is left. Mickey: Who would that be? Master Eraqus: Malificent. Player: She was at the world where I train. She's been trying to take over for years. I was trying to fight her, but I could only fight her right hand man, and I couldn't interogate him. Jack: Even if you did catch Pete, you wouldn't have gotten information of her location. Player: How do you even know his name? Jack: Well, I used to work for Malificent at one time, I learned everything I know about magic, from her. The reason I left was because.......*Jack gets an embarrased on his face* Player: What? What happend Jack? Jack: She tried to make me drink a love potion, I mean seriously, she's really desperate to get someone. Not only that, she was going to have me enslave my home world. I left right after. Mickey: We should get back to the main subject Eraqus: There are only very few heartless and unversed bases left, maybe about 1-3. I have recently located a base. I want you three to defeat all of the heartless and unversed there. When you're done, come back here, and we will meet up with Xesthan in Keyblade Graveyard. Player: We should get going then. (Many fights and boss fights later) Jack: We're done, we should get back to Eraqus. *The Data Pad viberates* Player: It's Master Eraqus. We did what you told us, we're on our way back. Eraqus: Come back immediately! There's something going on here, I'll need your help! Come on! *The Party starts running back* (5 beings are shown confronting Eraqus) Master Eraqus: You've come. Leader: So, the Apprentice hasn't ran from battle after all, this should be intersting. Player: Who are you? Leader: Who are we, the correct question is, who were we. We were the 5 strongest Dark Keyblade Master during the Keyblade War. As you may have guessed, I'm the strongest. My name is Void's Shadow. Player: Then what happend during the War? Who won? Void's Shadow: The battle resulted in a tie, no side won. The X-Blade was destroyed right after it's creation. It's impossible to make without anyone destroying each other. You can see that we are spirits, we've been dead for a very long time. The Keyblade War took place in 750 E. It is now 1550 E. So 800 years.(This demsion has it's own timeline) Once we kill you, I can take over your body and roam the worlds once again. *waves hand* fate will decide how we shall battle. *two dark corridors appear* Mickey: Hades? Malificent? Pete? Jack: No Pete dropped dead, I aimed an ice spike spell to his brain. *barriers appear and the fights begin* (Eraqus fights one of the spirits, Jack and Mickey fight one, the Player faces Hades, Mailficent, and another spirit, the other 2 are out of the battle) *fights ends, Jack is defeated, but doesn't "die"* Jack: I can't continue, go fight without me. Void's Shadow: Intersting, it's time I put matters in my own hands. (barriers appear once again it's, Eraques vs Shadow's Void(Eraques loses) and Mickey vs Spirit (Tie and the spirit vanishes) ) Player: Master Eraqus, Mickey, *looks to Jack* are you guys still here?! Void's Shadow: They won't disappear unless you defeat me. You've proved yourself strong enough for me to use my full power. I shall take a form that only a true master of darkness can take. *Black Aura surronds him as he now has Black Armor and black cape with Overwelming power* Player: This power, I don't know if I can win.......No I must win! Void's Shadow: That's the spirit! Show me your true power! Yes, I can sense you getting stronger now, shall we begin. *the Player and Void's Shadow charge as the battle begins* (After a long hard battle the Player wins.* Player:*breathes* Void's Shadow: *kneeling in defeat on the ground* You've done well. I will tell you everything I know when your comrades wake up. (20 minutes laer) Void's Shadow: As you can see, this isn't over. All that's left is the one who's truly behind this. Master Eraqus: Who could that be? Void's Shadow: Xehanort. He summoned me to defeat you, take over the Apprentice's body, and come to him and create the X-Blade. Player: The X-Blade requires a being of pure light and pure darkness. How exactly can he do it? Void's Shadow: He plans to use you, and the one called Riku.You must go to Keyblade Graveyard as soon as you can. But, before you go, Apprentice of Xesthan, there's a transformation that's an exact opposite to it. One only a Master of Pure Light can use. No one has managed to achieve the form except for your master. Once you have that power, use it to conquer the darkness. It might sound strange coming from a Master of Darkness, but you've saved me, I'm no longer enslaved. I can in peace...thank you. Player: Thanks, we should get going. (Everyone leaves, Master Eraqus joins the party) Void's Shadow: This is going to be intersting, that apprentice, he looks like him. I wonder how these events will turn out. *goes back to the after life* (Scene ends) **NOTE** "Him" is not anyone who's appeared in the story so far*****

(Keyblade Graveyard is shown on the world map) (Before the party decides to land) Master Eraques: I'm afraid a 2nd Keyblade War will take place. Mickey: We have alot of obstacles ahead of us. Player: Once we land, there's no turning back. We have to get ready before landing. (After the Party is ready, they land) (The Party gazes at the many abondoned keyblades) Mickey: So there used to be thousands of keyblade wielders? Master Eraqus: That is correct, many have fought in desire for the Legendary X-Blade. Though, none succeeded. (Cut scence ends) (2 hours and 30 minutes of fighting heartless and unversed later) (The camera shows Master Xesthan holding up a man's body) Master Xesthan: Kajin! Kajin! Are you all right? Speak to me! Kajin:*opens his eyes slowly* Xesthan? Is that you? You got my message then, I almost thought I was going to die. Player: Master! Master Xesthan: You've compelted your task, well done Apprentice. *Turns to Kajin* Tell me everything that happend during the fight? Kajin: Well.......I was attacked by........Spirits of Dark Keyblade Wielders,........I defeated them all, but I was exhausted.....and to weak to stand, then Xehanort snoke up on me and used a Fire Explosion spell. He thought I was dead, but I was only knocked out. in that Temple *points to the Temple right in front of them* Master Xesthan: I see. Apprentice, Mickey, Skellington, Eraqus, I will take care of Kajin until he is healed. When you get to the Philosopher's Chamber, I want you Eraqus to stay there and look for a way for the X-Blade to never be created again. The X-Blade was destroyed immediately after it's creation. It didn't have a time to leave it's presence on our plane. A spell book in the Temple should contain a scroll to do just that. Skellington, once the 3 of you get to the top, near where Xehanort is waiting, I want you to stay at the door and not enter, I want you to stay there so you can tend to their wounds. This is a fight between wielders of the keyblade, and if you get involved, your bones can break. Then you may never be able to enjoy life the same way. Apprentice, Mickey, both of you will fight Xehanort, Riku is most likely there, so be prepared for anything. If you both combine your power of light together, I'm sure you can win. But first, rest here for 15 minutes, you've fought without rest. You need everything you have if you want to win. *15 minutes later* (The party goes inside the temple) (Meanwhile at the top of the temple) ???: It's time I took this robe off,*Removes the robe and shows Master Xehanort)  *MX senses the Party* So it seems that they've finally come. I've got a while before they come so I may as well get ready. (1 hour and 30 minutes later of fighting heartless and unversed, they've made it to the Philosopher's Chamber) Master Eraqus: We've arrived. (The camera shows many shelves of books, and desks) It's time I started searching. You'd best be moving right now. Player, Jack, and Mickey: Right. (3 hours of fight later) Jack: Well, I can no longer come with you right right now. Good luck. Mickey: This will be a tough fight, we should get into our armor. (The Player can get into armor like Ventus', Terra's, or Aqua's. It's the Player's choice) (Mickey gets armor that looks like Meta Knight's****Note: Meta Knight is from the video game series called Kirby******)

  • The Player and Mickey enter the room. Master Xehanort: It's about time you two showed up. I've almost gotten tired of waiting. Mickey: It all ends here. Player: We're not going to let you leave this place alive. Master Xehanort: Good, show me your full power. This room isn't exactly a good place for our fight, I have a better idea. *pulls a lever, the roof disappears, and the floor becomes a platform takes them higher to the sky* Apprentice of Xesthan, once you are defeated I can use you and Riku as materials for the X-Blade! Then I can open the door to Kingdom Hearts! Mickey: We won't let that happen! Player: You think we would lose so easily? Master Xehanort: If you really wish to prove me wrong, then.........*draws keyblade* Our keyblades shall do the talking in battle! *Player, Mickey, and Master Xehanort charge* *The Player and Mickey easily win* MX: Darn it all! How could I lose to 2 keyblade apprentices! This can't be! Player: It over! You can't win, you may as well surrender. Mickey: There's no way out! MX:*smiles* Youu really think so? *teleports them with himself to Kingdom Hearts* Mickey: What? Where are we? How did we get here? MX: Kingdom Hearts. I used a spell to teleport us here and to use it, there needed to be a powerfull battle to ensue for it to work. Of course I need to use the X-Blade to open the door to Kingdom Hearts. With the spell's help I can use half of Kingdom Hearts power! Player: ! *Master Xehanort draws out half of the power and becomes younger, around his 20s* MX: Yes, this power is refreshing, it's nice to once again use a young body. Mickey:(Thinking: He's distracted, this is my chance) Holy Star Burst of Heavns! Player: Mickey don't! He's waiting for that! MX: To late. *uses a shock wave on Mickey and defeats him* Player: Mickey! Mickey! *runs to Mickey* Are you ok? Mickey: I can't move.... It looks have to fight........alone. Player: I can't do this without you please! Mickey: Don't......worry I'll always be there.....Here's my keyblade *hands him Kingdom Key D* With 2 can surely win......good luck.*eyes close* Player: Mickey! Mickey! Mickey! *checks Mickey's chest* Player: He isn't......breathing......I don't feel a heart he? NO!!! *Has an angry look at Xehanort* Mickey! You'll pay for this! *Takes Mickey's Keyblade* I'm going to avenge him! MX: You really think you can defeat me? Alright, if you really wish to see your friend then so be it! *Fight begins!* *After a long battle the Player wins as he uses his Ultimate attack, Holy Light Dragon of Pure Heart* *Master Xehanort reverts to his old self laying on the floor* MX: You've defeated me......... Player: I *breathes* did it. Thank you, Mickey. MX: You may have ,but it will all be in vain. Riku is at Destiny Islands. By now he should have gathered enough darkness to defeat you. *MX vanishes* Player: It's over for now. *takes Mickey's body as they are about to leave the plat form* What the? *The Player notices that the Platform is breaking apart and is almost ready to collapse* Player: I have to get out of here and get back to the temple. It looks like I have no choice, but to jump. *jumps, then starts falling* What am I going to do? It’s hopeless. I’m going to fall in the endless abyss. Voice: Is that anyway to talk Apprentice of Xesthan? Player: That voice it’s…..Void’s Shadow! Void’s Shadow: Don’t give up, remember what I told you. Player: That transformation right? But, I'm not a keyblade master. Void's Shadow: You don't have to be a Keyblade Master, just a Master of Light. You can do it. Player: Alright. *closes eyes* !!!! I can see it! Void's Shadow: Well done!!!! Now harness it! Player:* a white Aura surronds him and suddenly gets White Armor that looks like the Black Knight's from Fire Emblem(,but of course it's white not black and gets a Unique White Keyblade* (manages to get himself and Mickey's body back to the Temple safely.) Jack: You're back! I didn't think you would make it out of there.*notices the Player's face* Are you alright? Player: Mickey's dead. *puts him on the ground* it's all my fault Jack: Hold on let me see. *checks Mickey's body* Don't worry, he's in a death like state, if he recovers he'll be okay. Player: *sighs* Anyway, I have to go back to Destiny Islands. Jack: Why? Player:*explains what happend* Jack: He might have sent Riku there knowing that he would fall, although he expected Xesthan and not you. He must have been planning something. Player: I should tell Master Xesthan before I go, you should tell Master Eraqus and help him find a way to wipe the X-Blade from existence forever. Jack: You got it! Don't worry I'll take care of Mickey! You just go do it! (scene ends) Player: Master! Master Xesthan: IF you're here, then Xehanort is gone. Tell me what happend. *Player explains what happend* Master Xesthan: I see.......Well you're going to have to go alone. I can't come with you. Kajin still is injured, I have to protect him. I know you can beat Riku, you've proved yourself as good student. Which is why I promote you. No longer are a Mere Apprentice Rank, you are now a Wielder of the Key. Player: I don't know much about the ranks. M Xeshtan: you've only been my apprentice for a month. There's Apprentice, Wielder, Warrior, and Master. There used to be a Grand Master back when there was an order. You should get some rest, you never know what may happen. Player: Yes Master! *scence ends* Player: I am to go now. I shall come back, Master! *goes on to Gummi Ship* M Xesthan:(thinking: Should I have told him? More is happening then you know Apprentice. It's better to let things happen by themselves. I believe in you, my apprentice.)
  • The Player now sees Desinty Isands and heads there* (As he heads there, the Gummi Ship crashes into Destiny Islands) *The Player is seen knocked out* (The screen in purple as you see a dream) Voice:Why did things happen this way? Voice 2: This can't be! Voice 3: Well, we can't do anything. Voice 4: We have to let events happen as they come. Voice 5: It will show itself when the time comes. Voice 6: We just have to.....Believe! *The Player wakes up* Player: What was that? I have to get to Riku, I sense him at the other side of the islands. (recieved keyblade, "Requirem of the Unknown Silent Passing on Generations") *scene ends* *10 minutes later* Player: The islands have changed, the small island everyone plays at was very small, now it's a big island. The sky is purple, I shouldn't be surprised however, I need to hurry. (20 minutes later) Alright, I just need to get through the cottage, then go to the Paopu Fruit Tree, then I'm there. I need to recharge before I go, I'm going use the Transfromation, but will it be enough? *The Player walks to Riku and equips thier Keyblade* Player: Riku! What do you think you're doing? You let yourself be possessed by darkness? Riku: No, I have become one with darkness! I have the every Embodyment of it! I hold so much power that once you're defeated, your Master won't even have a chance to fight me! I'm not a fool to fight him but his Apprentice is a different story! Let me show you my true form! *Transforms into a body of dark purple flames with dark keyblade that's, a long strecthed version of Oblivion* Player: I won't lose because unlike you, I have a resolve to fight for others! *transfroms into his Light Master Form* Riku/Darkness: Hmmm? How could a child like you Master that? You're the 2nd person to Master that. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you were trained by Xesthan. I shouldn't be surprised, he was the 1st to master Light Master Form. Come at me! Player: I won't let you have your way! I will destroy you, even if it means killing Riku! I fight to protect the worlds and my friends! I won't let selfish natures take over.*charges at Darkness and the fight begins* *The Player easily wins* Riku/Darkness: It seems that, I can't defeat you in this form, very well this form it's not my true form, but the Darkness in all hearts! *Transforms into a fully cloaked figure, with a cape, as a Skelington, and Purple eyes* Darkness: This is the Darkness within people's hearts! This weapon is one that surpasses the X-Blade!  Darkness:*summons a Sword of Darkness with black chains around it* You shall be the 1st Mortal I've used both this weapon and form against! I commend you, I haven't seen anyone like you in 1,0000,000 years. You are not a normal mortal, you're blood is a sign of that. Player: Blood, like a Blood-line? Darkness: Well, you could even say, that we've met before. Player: We crossed paths? Darkness: Yes, a very long time ago. If you're here today then, I can't let you live! I shall shape into you another me, then you shall never be a threat to me again! Player: I'd like to see you try! Player and Darkness: I'll show you the power of Judgement! *both dash and the very long and intense battle begins* Dakrness: ARHHHHHHHHHH! How could I lose to a child! This is impossible! Darn it all!!!!!!!!!! * Riku appears again* Riku: I'm no longer a pawn, thank you. Darkness: As long as beings have darkness in thier hearts, I shall return! Player: As long as there's light and resolve, your day will never come! *Darkness fades* *The Island starts shaking* Player: The islands are going to be taken over! Riku: Leave it me, I can expell the darkness by giving up mine. Player: You might die! Riku: Don't worry about me, go though that portal. Just let me handle it. Player: Got it. *goes though the portal* 

Master Kajin, Master Eraqus, Mickey, and Jack are seen at Master Xesthan's world* Master Xesthan: He's done it, my apprentice has defeated darkness. Master: Eraqus, he surpasses our strength from when he were his age. Master Kajin: He's your Apprentice after all, he will make a fine Master one day. Jack: YES! Mickey: He's stronger then I am. In just a month, he managed to get enough training to defeat Darkness. Void's Shadow: I deserve some credit, I helped him unlock the Master Light Form. Master Xesthan: In your recent actions redeem you. You have our gratitude.  Void's Shadow: Thank you. Jack: What happend to him/she(player)? Mickey: The data pad isn't responding. Master Xesthan: We shouldn't worry my Apprentice will be fine. That's all you need to know. *The Player wakes up and sees himself/herself in a small dark room* Player: Where am I? *opens the door and sees an unknown city* What is this? Where am I? Mysterious Man: It's been a long time. Player: Who are you?(Thinking: I feel like I've met him before) Mysterious Man: Come with me, we shall discuiss everything, and it well includes ...your destiny. We have much to talk about, let's go. Player: I trust you, I'm coming. *Credits Play, after ending there's the ending screen* The End. Until the next game. You still have side quests!

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