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Legend's Quest II is the sequel to Legend's Quest. It's still an action RPG, and all gameplay is the same as the last game. Although, the Player now has access to Master Light Form. There is no Dark Story as it was cancelled from the first one. All other character choices remain the same. A new feature lets you focus on fighting with Light or Dark powers.You do not go into the Awakening this time, your character is equally strong in all areas so all stats level up together

I'm going to edit out 4th wall references in LQ2 and 3 eventually. LQ as of now is not finished, and I find myself to be in a mood to work on that. I will also do something about the Nintendeo worlds since it was my fault for editing them in without knowing much of them. I may just replace names and places.

Kingdom Hearts: Legend's Quest II Destiny of the Slient Generations Passong OnEdit

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Kingdom Hearts: Legend's Quest II Desiny of the Silent Generations Passing OnEdit

Developer(s) SoraDragonCalibur
Genre Action RPG
Game Modes Single Player



  • The camera shows the Player and the Mysterious Man walking in the Unknown city* Mysterious Man: You don't have to worry your friend Riku he's alive. Player: How? Mysterious Man: To stay alive he had to be fired so he isn't showing up in this game. He has broken the 4th wall and now went looking for Testuya Nomura and the franchise's Riku, and kill them. Player:(shows a different expersion) Haha..........How am I going to play any more games now? What the heck Riku? Mysterious Man:We're going to get some coffee on the way to my house, you will need it. This will be a long talk. *8 minutes later* Mysteroius Man: Have a seat, I'm sure you're tired after that fight. Player: I have some questions. Mysteroius Man: Go ahead. Player: It's about some voices I heard. *explains the voices that he/she heard when the Gummi Ship crashed* Mysterious Man: I can't explain that, but you must have heard something from the past. I don't know. I know you're going to ask about things that have been happening around you. Have you heard of the Warrior no Hikari(Warrior of Light) from a long time ago? Player: I heard that he was the strongest Light Keyblade Master of his time, he lived in a distant land. Mysterious Man: This city is that place. Player: What? Mysterious Man: Before I say anymore, I should tell you who I am. My name is Cade. Cade: He was as you heard the strongest, unrivaled strength. One day this city was attacked by a man, I never saw him,but the Warrior of Light fought him and won. Although, when the man was killed, he planted something that was draing the life of all worlds, he then disappeared to save the worlds. Noone knows what happend, he lived more than thousands of years due to his high life span. There hasn't been a sign of him sense. Player: Darkness said that I looked like him. Do I look like him? Cade: Yes, both of you look very alike. He's your very great-grandfather. After many generations, his DNA passed on to you. That's why you have a gift for controlling light. The DNA is passed in random generations, there's no telling when they might come. Only one person can have the geans at a time. Player: Why did you say to me, "that it's been a long time". Cade: It's because the Warrior of Light was my best friend, you look exactly like him That's why I went straight to you. Player:!!!!!!!!! You lived back from 1,000,000 years ago!? Cade: You could say that. Now with the matter at hand.*puts coffe cup down* Do you know about nobodies? Player: Yeah, I know what they are. Cade: The unversed have disappeared, heartless remain, nobodies revive, and a new species arrive. Player: Species? Cade: There are called Empty Souls, since they have no soul. the heartless aren't involved since they can't be controlled. Now about the Empty Souls. Everytime a nobody is destroyed, thier soul is shattered,but this can only happen if thier heartless hasn't been destoryed. They control the nobodies. Normally, they can't have human shape, but very strong souls do. I have heard rumors about a faction of empty souls that call themselves the "Unmortallity Beings". I don't know thier purpose,but there have been reports about nobodies exploding from inside thier body. I fear that they are even more powerful than the heartless, nobodies, and unversed ever were. I'll tell you where you need to go, in 3 days. After your last journey, you need some time to relax. Go anywhere you want, just don't leave the city. You can stay in the bedroom that's empty. Player: Thanks. * The Player gets outside and goes through the tutorial* (There are no enemies, so the Player can go to a Arcade with a Virtual Reality game and fight heartless for experience) (If you want to end the day, go to Cade and tell him you've had enough for today. Then go to the bedroom, and use the reaction command to sleep) (On the 3rd night, the player is on the bed looking at the ceiling) Player: Could this new enemy be even stronger than Xehanort and Darkness? I don't have to worry about the X-Blade, that's for sure, Master Eraqus toke care of that. I shouldn't worry to much. I should sleep. *turns off light* ( The Player's dream is shown, the places setting is in the "Shivering Isles" from ES IV Oblivion) Player: Of all places I had to end up here for my dream. *The walks for 10 minutes and sees noboies exploding, and sees a man in sliver armor* ???: Yes, nobodies, become empty souls! Become one with your soul! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Player: *draws the keybllade that the Player selcted before the game began* So you're on of those empty souls, what your doing end here! *the Player defeats them all , and interogates the unmortallity being* Player: What is this "Unmortallity Beings" faction? Empty Soul: Faction? Hahahahaha! A faction? It's not faction,but a whole Empire! Hahahahahaha! Player:!!!!!!! *dream ends* (makes up in the middle of the night) Cade: I heard the disturbence, tell me everything you saw. *The Player explains* Cade: An empire? Your dream was very real, I would get dreams like that when I was your age. I don't know how we can fight off a whole Empire. Perhaps there is a way. Player: Do you know where we can find an army. Indeed I do, the world where they are still hasn't been released, it's connected to 3 worlds. Once you seal thier keyholes, you can visit that world. If I were to go with you, the empire might go after us. I'll stay in the Gummi Ship. You should go back to sleep until morning. (The next day, they wake up, and go too the ship) Player: Where to? Cade: The first world is Disney Town. *The Gummi Ship goes to the world* Player: Cade said that to find the keyhole, I have to compete a certen condition. I should search around town. *15 minutes later* Maybe I should go to the castle, Mickey might be there. *5 minutes later* Mickey: Is there anything you need? Player:*explains everythng that happend* Mickey: I can't go with you, I'm really busy. I have an idea, there's been some guy called Captin Dark trying yo cause trouble around here, he looks like Pete, of course he isn't because he's dead. Player: Thanks Mickey! *runs out the door* *5 minutes later* Player: I have to draw his attention, but how? Chip and Dale: We can help with that. All you have to do his win 3 races, he always try to get rid of the races, and it isn't just a Birth by Sleep spoiler. Player: Isn't that a game reference? Chip and Dale: He's on to us! Scatter! *they run away* Player: Okay............. Well I should to their word for it. *wins 3 races* Player: Alright he should be here in 3.........2.........1 *Captin Dark appears* Captin Dark: I'm looking for someone that entered under Wielder of the Key. Player: That would be me. Captin Dark:I know you! You defeated Malificent, Hades, and everyone else. Darn it! Now I can't get paid anymore! You are going to pay! I'm going to kidnapp--------- Player: Peach, Minnie, not very surprised, they have explosive charms. Captin Dark:*smacks the wall then summons Empty souls and heartless* Player: Empty souls? Captin Dark: Good luck fighting them, *kidnapps Chip and Dale* Player: How did they-----Oh why? *defeats the enemies* Goofy: You have to save Chip and Dale! Player: Do I have to? They've been telling BBS spoilers! Donald: It's part of the script. Player: Alright, and you to are? Goody and Donald: We are------*Player smacks Donald and Goofy's head* Player: Hystericol question, I already know who you 2 are. *20 minutes later* Player: Captin Dark let's just get this over with. Captin Dark: Fine........*summons dark bombs and battle begins* *The Player easily wins* Player: I defeated darkness itself which means, someone like you is child's play to me. C.D.:*struggling to crawl away, Player: I have something better in mind, *uses keyblade on CD's head* Player: There, you will turn into a normal person full of light when you wake up. Chip, Dale, wheres the keyhole? It's in the throne room. We can teleport you there now. *teleports to Disney Castle* *seals the keyhole* Mickey: Thanks alot, I'm still sorry I can't come,but I'll go to other worlds and gather information for ya. Player: Understood, I have to get going now. *gets on the Gummi Ship* Cade: You have sealed the first keyhole. I can see that you're rather bored. Player: This whole world seemed boring. Stupid BBS spoilers. Cade: There are still are 2 other worlds. The next one is..........oh my........ Player: What is it? Cade: It's.......a........ world called "KH Cut Content" Payer: So it's........ Cade: Yes, a world full of cut content from KH. Player: IS this world going to be boring? Whatever, I might as well try and fight kill the Kairi(Riku for female players) from that world. Cade: *laughs* You're just like him, you aren't even intersted in love, well good choice. It didn't work out for me. My first wife was far to obseesed with me, I was scared and had to divorce her. I then erased her memory of me so she could never get near me again. Player: Sounds like Kairi(Riku for female players), good thing I'm always hiding. Cade: I'm going to have to come with you this time. That world is far to dangerous for you to go alone. *They prepare to land for the next world* *The Player and Cade get out* Player:*looks around* Wow, they really had alot of crazy stuff. Cade: Yeah, you have know idea what goes on in Testuya Nomura's head. Player: I don't even want to think about SDC. SDC:*as a voice from the sky* I heard that! You shall pay! *the gummi ship blows up* Player: What the heck? Cade: He just wanted an excuse to blow up the ship. Player: ._. *They walk up to the gate* Voice: Before entering, please note, if you are a fanon character, please make sure that the cut content doesn't try to kill you, have a nice day! *The Party fight many empty souls and heartless, along with other oddly shaped heartless* Player: What was Nomura doing? Cade: No idea, might as well make him the prince of maddness. Testuya Nomura: You've it this far, I'm impressed, and fanon characters no doubt. I've only seen 7 fanons incuding, yourselves, you 2 are the only good characters, and aren't just scribbled all together. Player: How are you----- Nomura: I'm actually the cut content Nomura, I manage this world. Although, I'm not always in control of everything, forgive me if you had trouble. Cade: Why have you apporched us? Nomura: I'm well aware of your quest, you see, I need your help. I need to get control of certain mods, I need to to find each of the mod rooms that are without an emblem, if you enter those rooms, and complete your task. The keyhole will show itself to you. Player: Thanks. *1st Room* Behemoth: Welcome, you are to face me battle, if you win, I will become a summon for you. Player: Awsome! *The batttle starts and the Player wins* That was awsome! (Room 2) Player: This is suppose to be the room in which you were suppose to fight Riku at the "End of the World" Riku: Well if it isn't the main character from Legend's Quest, I will defeat you and finally get all of the fan girls! Cade: Even Malificent isn't that desperate, no wonder this was cut off. *battle starts and the Player wins* Riku: Darn it why!? Player: I am so glad we don't have Riku with us. (Room 3) Player: It's that one guy that Xaldin replaced, what was his name? Cade: Gaston, Baston, loser, forgotten? ???: He named me who cares, I wasn't cared about enough. Anyway, I'm supposed to ride on a heartless horse and shoot you with a unlicinced gun. Cade: You really annoy me *summons keyblade* Respect your elders or I cut your throat! *the Party defeats him* Player: I never knew you could summon Chuck Norris. Cade: I only use him every time I feel like killing someone. (Room 4) Voice: I never knew you would make it. (The Half Lion Sora with a chain saw, KH1 Sora, KH2 Sora, Anti Sora, Sora's Heartless, and an unknown Sora appear in front of the party) Player: Why are there so many Soras? All Soras: So it appears the fanon incarnation of us appears, let's see if you can meet our level of strength. Cade: Who is that Sora over there? Unknown Sora: I am what Sora would have been, if all the cut content were to be the final cut, this what I am. (You know see a man with brown hair, 1 green eye and 1 yellow eye, ruby red armor with golden stripes, a sliver cape, brown beard around the face, a loin tail that is white,and a long golden keyblade that looks like Excaliber) Player and Cade:........................ Unknown Sora: I am known as, the Lion God Sage Knight of Light Enbodyment. What you can call me is, Zereth. Zereth:*puts on Ruby Helm/Helmet* Prepare yourself! *The Player and Cade fight off against the Soras* Cade: He was powerful, he was stronger than darkness itself. Player: I can't belive it, what happend? Zereth:*while leaving* You're wondering why I ended up like this, aren't you? Many depressing things happend. You wouldn't want to know. *The keyhole appears* Player: The keyhole! keyhole: It's Mr. Cut-Content Keyhole to you. Player: Yeah yeah, whatever. *seals it* *On the resurrected Gummi Ship* Player: Since we say how Mickey was doing, let's know what Jack is doing. *Presses button* Jack: Please not that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Please go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out!!!!!! Female Voice: You know want to. Come on, it's going to make your life better. Jack: What am I going to tell Sally? Oh why? Female Voice: She won't know, come Jack. Jack: NOOOOOOO!!!! Hikari Wave! *Uses a Light shockwave* Jack: For the last time, I do not want to go out with you Valkara!!!! I ran away from Malificent, what would make me go out with you, her twin sister! I'm glad she's with Hades in the Underworld. Therefore: I don't have to deal with her. Valkara: I'll come back another time then, maybe Valentine's Day. Jack: Get out!!!!!!!!!!!! *Valkara leaves* Player: Are you alright? Jack: *breathes heavily* I'll be fine, I just need a better security system to make sure she doesn't go after me. Player: Why was she............ Jack: Please don't ask!!!!!!!!!!!! Cade: And that was why I divorced my wife, erased her memory. Player: I'm just glad I'll be alone my whole life. Jack: Well anyway, I'm doing fine, I heard about what you are doing. I can help. I'll meet you on your trip to the next world. Player: See you until then. *scence ends*
  • Player: what's the next world? Cade:That would be *looks at world map* .......that's intersting, it's called Dread Locked. Player: Kind of like the Rachet and Clank game? Cade: Something similiar to that. *The Party lands and Jack joins them* Robots: Stop right there! Player: Just put the collar or whatever it is on us. *Cade got to keep his robe. The Player wears red armor similiar to Terra, Aqua, and Ventus'. Jack keeps his clothes.* They get escorted to thier rooms* Robot: you have to compete and win 12 rounds of Gladator fights in order to be champion. In rounds 4,8, and 12 you will fight other Gladatiors. Come see me when you are ready. (The Party fight 3 rounds empty souls and nobodies) First Gladitor match! Wielder of the Key, A guy in the black coat(he didn't tell his name to avoid attention), and Jack Skellington vs Ursula in the sea dome! Player: Why of all people do we have to face her? Cade: It's only a clone, we aren't going to fight the real one anytime soon. Announcer: Begin! *The Party easily win the fight* Announcer: You win! (The Player's armor becomes Green) *More rounds of nobodies and heartless until round 8 comes* (The Party gets to the arena, they're opponent is the Shining Gundam from G Gundam) Player: Cool! I'm going to have to fight him alone. *summons Behemoth and rides it* Annoucer: Battle Start! *The Player wins* Winner! (The Armor becomes Blue) (More rounds of nobodies and empty souls pass by and the Player's armor becomes black) Announcer: Round 12! Your opponent shall be.... *the gate is lowered* Voldemort! Player: First we fight a disney character, then an anime character, and now a novel character? Announcer: Battle start! *The Party wins* Announcer: For winning, you are free to go. Here's your prize! (The Player and Cade get a keyblade that looks like Rachet's Hatchet, and Jack gets a spell caster's book to expand Magic power) *The next world is unlocked*
  • Cade: The world we are entering is the lost "Light of Order" there are an ancient army of light that Warrior of Light and I fought side by side with. They can help us fight off the empty souls. *they land* (The army is dressed in white robes and white armor) Light Followers: Welcome your grace, it's been a long time. Player: Grace? Cade: I was one of the head commanders. Cade: Greetings Lord Jin. Jin(An old man with a white beard): It is great to see you. To what maybe I owe to the visit of you *notices the Player* and the Apprentice of Xesthan, the one who defeated darkness. For you to defeat darkness and achieve the Master Light Form at age 14, I must say I'm impressed. Cade: Well, you see...*explains everything* Jin: I had sensed this for some time, I couldn't identifly it, but now we can act. I fear war is ahead of us. We need time to prepare. In the meantime, I need you 3 to go find any information or try to defeat as many as you can. Find the stronghold if you have to. You shouldn't leave right now, they may have been following, stay here until it is to leave. It will take a few days. By the way, Master Eraqus, Master Kajin, Master Yen Sid, and Master Xesthan will becoming. I'll tell them to come soon. We need them to train our forces, and defend hile you 3 aren't here. Mickey will get help from some of our comrades, he still needs to defend Disney Castle. You are free to walk this place as you please. *scence ends* (The Player is now by himself?herself. Cade stays in a bedroom, and Jack walks by himself) Player(while wandering): This place is almost like Master's home. Everything here is nice. I should see if there's anything fun to do. (The Player can go 'so the arcade and fight for experience and there are mini games all over the place) (The Player finishes wandering inside and goes outside) Jack: I really like place, they even gave me a white mage robe. Player: This place is awsome. There are video games, TV, computer, everything. Jack: Well, I'm going to the library. *camera very later, Jack walking in the library* Jack: These books are amazing, so much to read! *An invisible figure holds his hands and brings him to it* Jack: AHHHHHHHH! What the? What are you? Let me go! (The wall shows Jin's face) Jin: It's just one of the followers, she has a liking to you. Don't worry, you see, Sally doesn't exist in this dimension. Do as you please. Jack:(smiles): I'm at your command, milday. *Valkara is revealed to be the follower, her robe is like Malificent's, just white and blue* Valkara: What a gentlemen, you'll have the time of your life. Jack*gets scared*: Oh no, CADE! FRIEND!(the Player) JIN! SOMEONE HELP! Valakara: Be quiet, no noise in the library. Jack:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *The camera shows the outside of the library as the sound echos and hearing kissing sound as Valkara continuessly kisses Jack* Player: I hope he's okay. *sees a white shrine* *walks around* *The Warrior of Light as a ghostly figure appears in front of him* Warrior of Light: You must find out you truly are and what I really am. Find your destiny, you are the "Destiny of Slient Generations Passing On" as I am. I will allow you to use that keyblade you got on Desint Islands again. It's power grows as you do. *disappears* Player: Wait! ............. Does he mean me being his very Great Grandson and having his gens? I'll use this keyblade, he wanted me to use this keyblade for a reason. *Recieved the "Requirem of the Unknown Silent Passing on Generations" keyblade. *scene ends* (1 day later) Jin: Your Master has arrived. *The Player runs over to Xesthan, Yen Sid, and Eraqus* Master Xesthan: What did I tell you? I told you he was fine. M. Eraqus: Your apprentice truly is something. He's on the level of my 3 apprentices. Yen Sid: He's alot like you, had working and never gives up. Player: Master, I am going to get more training. Master Xesthan: Yes, Eraqus and I are going to teach you and his apprentices at the the same time. Player: Apprentices? Master Xesthan: You will find out, head to the training grounds by noun. We have to speed up the training, we need the full power of all keyblade wielders we can get. (some time later) Player: It's only 11:00 am. I have an hour so I should see how Cade and Jack are doing. (At Cade's room) Player: What are you doing? Cade: I'm just looking at old pictures of from when I served the Order. *points to a picture* That's the Warrior of Light, best follower they ever had, he was the general you know. We left the Order by the time we got to around the age of 5,000. We thought that we better use in our home world and defend the universe from there. Player: Since I have his geans, does that mean I'll live just as long as you are now? Cade: Yes,but much longer. You will enjoy it, you are always up to date with what's going on. Player: Well anyway, I have to go someone where else now. Cade: Alright. *to himself* it's a good thing everything is blue and white ,and not just blue. *When the Player gets to Jack* Player: Uh Jack are you okay? Why are you under the desk? Jack: I'm hiding from Valkara, I only managed to escape when she fell asleep from the library, I had to face my face. You've got to be kidding me, she wears lipstick all the time and is a follower. Player: At least she's an ally. Jack: That just makes it worse, I'm doomed, it's like where ever I am, she's going to give me horror. I guess I'll just tighten up the secuirty in the room. If she asks, tell her I'm in the forest. Player: Will she fall for that? Jack: Trust me, it works all the time. Player: I should go to training, I have to meet Master in 20 minutes. Jack: Good luck. (Along the way) Valkara: Where is Jack, I bought tickets for a movie. Player: He's in the forest. Valkara: He just enjoys the forest, no wonder he always invites me. Player:..............(No wonder it always works. She really needs to see a doctor) Master Xesthan: You've made it, allow me to introduce you to Eraqus' apprentices. This is Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. Player: Nice to meet you. Terra: So are at Wielder rank like us? Aqua: You're one of the youngest wielders besides Ven, he's 14. Ventus: Well I couldn't have gotten this far without help from Terra. Player: I'm also 14. Master Eraqus: Now to begin training. Master Xesthan: Apprentice, I'm sure know about the Master Light form. It isn't the only Mastery form. There are many forms. Terra, Aqua, Ventus, care to show us. (Terra goes to Master Dark Form, Aqua with Master Sorccerus, and Ventus with Master Speed ) Xesthan: Today you will be training your Master forms, before I explain, you should transform. *An epic squence takes place where there's wind blowing around him and strong white aura* Terra, Aqua, Ventus: ! Master Eraqus: Such power! *The Player gets into his Master Light Transformation* Master Eraqus: So this is Master Light Form........... I never thought there would be a day that I would witness this. Master Xesthan: Now for training. There are 4 phases in this training. Phase 1: Maintain your forms for longer then 1 hour. If you are able to do that, you can only revert when you are defeated. I want all of you to spar. Begin! *The Player fights Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, it is a free for all battle* Master Eraqus: Well done, you 4 have been doing this all day. Master Xesthan: Come back tomarrow at 1:00 pm. (Later that day) Ventus: So you fight Master Xehanort? Player: Yeah I did. Ventus: Did you happen to find a journal with a crystal inside. Player: Know that you mention it, I did find one. I found it in my pocket after of the fight, what do you need it for? Ventus: That crystal has my darkness. Player: Why? Ventus: I was his apprentice 5 years ago. One day, my darkness came out of my body in form of a body and attacked Xehanort, he sealed it in a crystal. By sealing the crystal, an explosion occurred. He disappred, I had to go to Master Eraqus, it was to dangerous for me to stay near Master Xehanort. You see, if I were to use my light energy on it, if would be light. I'll then absorb it. Player: Alright. *Ventus absorbs it* Ventus: I can see something, I think I have to go somewhere. Follow me! Player: Got it! *They get to the Light Shrine* Player: This is the Light Shrine! Ventus: Alright. *takes out keyblade and a light come from it and points to the ground, a blue orb appears* Blue Orb: Commencing sequence, data recording. *projects a vison. 6 Sages are shown in different colored robes, Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Orange, and Sliver* Sliver: Meeting of the sages will begin. Red: How could this happen? Blue: The Warrior of Light has disappeared! Orange: What will happen to the Hikari Legacy? He was the last being to ever have the geans, what are we going to do? Green: I don't know. Does anyone have a body, heart, soul, anything? Any remains at all? Gold: Nothing. We still have the Dragon Legacy left, they are from identical branches in the bloodline. Sliver: We can't let anyone get near the Dragon Legacy, if they were to defeat them, the secret of the Legacies would be shown, the bloodlines would be corrupted. Blue: What do you mean, the only man alive that could do it, was defeated by the Warrior of Light! If so, how can give a warning? The Dragon Legacy isn't anywhere to be found! Sliver: We send an orb that will send a future descendent of the Dragon Legacy, of what just happend. I will handle the rest. (The place changes to Sliver's room) Sliver:If you see this message, that means you've witnessed the meeting. I have 2 requests, find the other 5 survivors of the lost legacies. You should already have the one of Light with you. Otherwise,you wouldn't be seeing this. You no longer have to call your Master Dragon Form, with the name Speed. The other 4 legacies are the following Earth, Magicka, Soul, and Consular. The next request will come to you in time. *orb disappears* Ventus: Let's head back. Player: I wonder why we are the only one's getting these messages. Ventus: No idea. Why don't we just relax and play Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion on the PC, I heard the multi player mod works now. Player: Cool! I hope they have quests for it. (The next day) Master Xesthan: Today, you four will learn how to dual wield keyblades. The only advise I can give you is, you need to be in a state of mind, the state itself, I cannot tell you. You must find out youselves. Now, get into your Master Forms and begin! *The four transform* Player: Ventus, what are planning on doing? Ventus: Just practicing, it clears my mind. Player: Well I'm just going to meditate. (Meanwhile with Terra) Terra: I must crush this boulder! Even if it's never been able to get crushed, I will do it! Aqua: I can't get that spell right. I have to use Dawn's Dusk successfully. Ventus:(I'm sure that I'm doing fine, just a bit more then I'm heading for the water fall) Player:*meditating on a piller*( Let the mind reflect like water on a mirror, focus.........) * Empty Souls appear much later around each of the four* Player: I need a secound keyblade to fight them all off. Here it goes........... Kami No Clear Mind!: Reflect like water on a mirror, clear like a crystal!!!!!!!!!!!! *The Player summons a new keyblade that is sliver, named Pure like Water under the Bridge* Player: Now for a new move, go Instant Ice Blizzard! *enemies: defeated* Ventus: Use of fast reflexes are the key, come dragon keyblade! Dragon breath!!!!!!!!!!! *enemies defeated* Terra: Keeping myself on the goal, that is factor for compelting the training! Earthquake! Aqua: Focus is needed, no matter how obvious and cheessy from anime it might seem. Dawn's Dusk! *all enemies: defeated* Master Eraqus: So that was your plan. Master Xesthan: I never told them because it's different for everyone. Besides, I didn't want thier quotes to be cooler than mine. *laughs* (later) Master Xesthan: Phase 3 will begin in 3 days. I want you to practice dual wielding. You are dismissed! *scence ends* (Day 1)Player: This training is tough. Ventus: Yeah, but we'll be able to do it, only 4 2 phases left right? Terra: True, Master Xesthan is training us, I have no doubt. Aqua: I guess I should try getting stronger in physical attacks, I've been foucusing most training on Magic. *Player sees a in a white robe* Player: Hi Jack. Jack:*panicing* SHHHHHH! Be quiet. I'm hiding from Valkara, this disguise works. It will work, I'm 100 % sure! Terra: All of use were able to identify you. Aqua: What makes you think Valkara can't? Ventus: Well, I'm sure you have something special with that robe, right? Jack: It makes sure that my appearence is hidden. Since you 4 are keyblade wielders, you were able to detect me. A sorrcerus like Valkara won't. *Valkara comes running* Valkara: Have you seen Jack? Jack: He's in the Zoo. Valkara: Thank you. *runs off* Player: She fell for it. Aqua: There isn't a zoo, is there? Jack: No. Ventus: To be expected from the Pumpkin King. *The 4 keyblade wielders continue training until day 2) Ventus: Do you think we should tell Cade and Jin about the vision? Player: Yeah we should. I should also tell them about that ghost. *They explain everything to Jin* Jin: Hmmmm........... The spirit has told you a hidden message, like a code. Only you can solve it. As for the vision, I'm sorry I can't tell you at the momment, I'll tell you after your training with the Master Forms are completed. *They tell the same to Cade* Cade: Jin is right, we should tell you later. Although, he only wants to tell you what to do later,but I can tell you all I know about the meeting, and the 6 Sages. S you can see, the disappearence of the Warrior of Light created an Uproar. He was the only one that protected the Universe for so long. the 6 Sages kept the order of the Universe. The only reason they haven't lived as long as I have is because.............. Ventus: What happend? Cade: They were killed................... Player: What? Cade: 7 years following the Warrior of Light's disappearence, I had to journey to the other side of the Universe. To find the 1 thing that kept the memory of me and the Warrior of Light being Best Friends. It was my Nintendo gamecube. Player: They had game cubes back then? How was it important? Cade: It was in our childhood, I came from a poor family. I only had an N64. He then felt sorry about me, so he give it to me. He liked playing it ,but he didn't want to see me looking depressed. Also, it happens to hold an important memory, not just to me ,but something far greater. I can't identify it. Anyway. Back to the main story, while I was gone. An army calling themselves the Inferno Army, lead an attack my homeworld, the 6 Sages held a war with the Ancient Light Army. I couldn't aid because, they had a barrier to keep anyone from helping in the war. 13 years had passed, leaving behind a lot of bloodshed and death everywhere. In the last day of the war, the 6 Sages toke on the Inferno Army's Leader Kagioku.(I don't think this is a real name, just so you know) *The camera shows the battle as Cade Narrates* Cade: It was raining, the buildings were burning around them. In the battle Kagioku toke them out 1 by 1. Sliver:*on the ground struggling to stand u* No, I won't let you win, you killed the others. That's unforgivable! Kagioku:*Is wearing black armor with red and orange around it* You can't win old man, I have outmatched you all. *lifts Sliver from the neck* Watch as you see the Order of Sages perish before your very eyes. *lets go, stabs him with his keyblade and burns his body* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We have won! *raises sword in the air* Cade: That was when I was able to return. Cade(In the story): I shall carry Sliver's last words. I shall see it that you are placed in proper judgement! *easily kills Kagioku* (the story ends) Ventus: I can't believe it. Player: Why wouldn't Jin tell us? Cade: Sliver was his older brother. As you heard, Sliver lead the ancinet light order. Jin rebuilt the order after Sliver was gone. He couldn't become a Sage because all of them are gone. I think you should get back to what you were doing. (Day 3 was all training) Master Xesthan: Phase 3 of training will commence! All you must do is, touch that tree. Your opponent will be awaiting you. Terra:(I don't think this is going to work) Aqua:(I have a feeling that, this won't be easy) *They touch the tree. (Each of them are in 4 different places and fight a clone of themslves) *After winning a hard battle, they return* Ventus: Why didn't you tell us we would be fighting ourselves? Master Xesthan: Now what fun would that be if I told you? Now, Phase 4 is tomarrow. I suggest that you rest today, you're going to need it.*scence ends* Ventus: Jack, is hiding from Valkara going well? Jack: Yeah, it's working out just fine! It's a good thing I added a change voice enchantment. Player: As much as that enchantment works well, do you think you can hide in that forever? Just wondering. Jack: Don't worry, Jin made sure that it would be harder for Valkara to find me. Ventus: Well we should get going. Player: We should play with the Multi player mod on Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, I hear that it only works here right now. Terra: Sure. Aqua: I wonder what takes it so long in the first place. (The next day) Master Xesthan: For Phase 4, all 4 of you shall come at me all at once. Player: Master, aren't you going to use your Master Form. Master Xesthan: Against all of you I don't. *draws his keyblade* Master Eraqus: That's.............the Cresent Moon. It is a very powerful keychain, it is said that there is only 1 in the whole universe. Unless........... He's the desendent of the 1st keyblade Master there ever was! Player, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus: What? Master Eraqus: Yes, the 1st Keyblade Master wielded the Crescent Moon. Aqua: We can't let that stop us, come on! *The Player fight with Terra, Aqua, and Ventus as his Party members* (during the battle) Terra: We can't even get a single hit on him. Player: Even with all 4 of us, we can't win. Ventus: I have an idea! Everyone use an attack such as Fire or Ice, then use a reflect, we should be able to him! *The battle continues, and by the time they knock him out by 2 health bars, the battle goes unfinished* Player: Take this! Master Xesthan: *Knocks them all away* Impressive, you have passed. In some battles, certain strageties are needed to defeat the enemy. Of course, I was just holding back, but you know what I'm saying. See Jin right now, he is waiting for you. Jin: All 4 of you will be leaving, with Cade to find the Unmortal's souls stronghold tomarrow. When you find it, please come back here, immedietly. I've already told Terra and Aqua, about yesterday. Now, you should try finding the 4 other Legacies during the journey. Once the conflict with empty souls is over, both of you shall go and find them, that is if you don't find them all. You are dismissed. (During that night) Player: I hope everything goess well. *EXPLOSION* Player: What was that? *gets into the fall way* Player: Empty Souls? (The Player fights through enemies until he/she gets outside) Player: Terra, Aqua, Ventus! What's going on?! Terra: The Unmortal souls are attacking. Player: Where are the others? Ventus: I think they're fighting the empty souls, everyone here is. Aqua: We have to find Jin and see if he's okay first. (The Party fight through many enemies and bosses) Aqua: I sense him. He's in the forest. *Jin is seen defeating empty souls* Jin: Annoying creatures. Ventus: Jin! Jin: don't worry about me. Hurry to the Hikari Tree! They're after something important, go! (TheParty fight more empty souls until they find Jack and Valkara fighting empty souls near the Hakari* Jack: Is there no end to these things? Ventus: Dragon Breath! Valkara: The unimortal souls entered the tree! Go after them! Time is of the essence! Terra: What about you 2? Valkara: The follower and I can do just fine. Jack:(She still doesn't know who am. Wow) GO! (The Party make it to the final room) ???:*tosses aside a Light follower* Insignificant pest! There hasn't been anyone here to prove me a challenge. Now, if I could get this open, I can have accesses to Keyhole, allow me to plundge world into darkness and disappear! Player: We won't let that happen! Terra:(Blue armor, white stripes, saphire badge, then he's....) This man is an Unmortal Souls commander! Unmortal Souls Commander: So it seems you've spent some time fighting us that you've discovered this. That must mean you've already defeated one of the commanders. Well no matter, I'll defeat you all! Aqua: I would like to see you try! *The Commander summons empty souls and the battle starts* *The Commander is defeated* Commander: Darn you! *disappears* Voice: So it seems the commander couldn't get to the keyhole, intersting. You 4 are much stronger than I thought. Ventus: Who are you? Show yourself! Hideki Tojo: I am Hideki Tojo, general of the Unmortal Souls. Now, my lord would be pleased if I diposed of you 4. Master Xesthan: I don't think so. *comes in a dark corrider* If you want to fight, I'll be your opponent. Hideki Tojo: Well if it isn't Xesthan? You got lucky this time. The next time we meet, you won't be in the same condition you are today. Player: How did they find us? What if they come back? Is everyone ok? Master Xesthan: It's alright Apprentice, everyone is alright. He have a charm made that, if anyone unwelcome finds this place, they may never return here. Now come. (Everyone gathers in the room where Jin is) Cade: It is unknown how they found us. Jin : As Xesthan said before, they won't be able to relocate us. As planned, all you are leaving tomarrow.......One more thing, I have terrible news, the Unmortal Souls have taken over Nintendo! Aqua: What? Jin: I was fighting enemies from many Nintendo games, I even heard one them talking about it. So it seems you will encounter many of them. (The next day) Ventus: Got everything packed? Player: Yeah, we should hurry, Aqua, Terra, and Cade are on the ship. Jack: Wait! I'm coming with you. I also want to help. Ventus: Go ahead, we could use your help. *The Player, Ventus, and Jack leave with everyone else*
  • (They embark on the next world, Super Mario Brothers) Cade: I will stay and protect the ship. All of you go ahead. Besides, you can take care of yourselves. (You see Mario and Luigi struggling to fight against the Nobody mushrooms) *the Player defeats all of the mushrooms* Mario: Help us! Princess Peach has--------- Terra: been kidnapped? We know. Aqua: This happens all the time. Jack: It's old news. Player: Just let us the current situation. Luigi: What you call Empty Souls and Bowser have taken over this world. You must help us. Ventus: Just tell us where they are. Mario: Before we do that, we have to save the towns! Jack: Alright, but you aren't going to be party members unless the people playing this game do! 5 is the limit! *The Player and the party fight many nobodies, empty souls, and mushrooms in the towns, defeating Wario along the way* Mario: Go to the top of Bowser's Castle, and defeat Bowser. Aqua: Continue helping us, sure we've played through the Mario games before, but we need you the main character to guide us. Mario: Ok then. (The Party fights through many battles and wonder, "This almost seems as long as the Temple in Keyblade Graveyard. Darn it Nintendo!") Bowser: So you've finally made it. Jack: Why are you helping the Unmortal Souls take over Nintendo and destroying the Nintendo worlds. Bowser: We are simply destroying the worlds, then recreating them in our own image. Luigi: You've gone made! Mario: Yoshi! *Mario rides on Yoshi* Terra: You can't beat all of us! Bowser: Very true however, the only ones I want to fight are Mario, Luigi, and you *points to the Player* Apprentice of Xesthan! I will prove that you defeating darkness was a fluke! *a barrier surronds Mario, Luigi, and the Player* (The Player defeats Bowser) Bowser: Darn it! I still have the Giga Bowser trnasformation! *turns into Giga Bowser. and knocks, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi out* Player: He's stronger than from the games. That must mean, he's accired power from the Unmortal Souls! Giga Bowser: You can't defeat me! You will meet your end! Player: Rise Behemoth! *summons Behmoth* (The Player wins the boss battle then the cutscence shows Bowser's end) Player: This hand of mine, wielding the keyblade, tells me make sure, that you are defeated. And that, I wipe you off the face of this dimension!!!!!!! Go Shining Blade! Giga Bowser:*As he fades* This is just like the Shining Finger....... Darn it. Meeting an end to an unoriginal attack. Peach: Thank you for saving this world. Ventus: You should stop getting kidnapped! What is up with you? Jack: I say we send her into the Nintendo Garbage disposal! Mario: Don't! Terra: You have no say in this, although that means........ Aqua: You and Lugi are joing her. Player: Come out when Peach learns her lesson. (They return to the ship) Cade: Well done. Although it seems that, more challenges await.
  • Next world is, Star Fox! Cade: There are upcoming enemy ships. Aqua: What should we do? Cade: I'll get through the battle field and land this ship. (They make it to the world) Cade: Summon Behmoth and destory those ships so we can land. Player: Got it. *The Player destorys all ships* (The Player gets to the ground as 2 ships follow him) Jack: He's been followed. Cade: They aren't enemies, it's alright. (The 2 ships are revealed to be piloted by Fox and Falco) Falco: Thanks for the help. Fox: We were surronded until you came along. Ventus: What's going on? Fox: Those unmortal souls and Wolf are trying to destroy our base, and conquer our world. Cade: I can help. I was a commander once. Falco: I think we could use help from all of you, infact we need all the help we can get. (At the base) Cade: This is how it will go, Terra you will lead the fight on the ground. Aqua, you will stay here with me and guard the base. Ventus, you will also stay here, but you will be using laser turrents from the base. Jack, you will go into battle in a ship. You(the Player), Fox, and Falco will go around the battle field, destory an emeny base, they will most likely have a way that's a short cut to the main base. Report to me when you are ready. (When the Player talks to Cade, and say they are ready, it begins) (The Player has Fox and Falco as party members.) *The Party fight many nobodies and empty souls until they reach the ememies base* Falco: Just up ahead and we can grab the map. Unmortal Souls Commander: That won't be happening, I will dispose of all of you and succed in controlling this world, and obtaining the souls from everyone in it! Fox: You really think that we will let that happen? Player: Winning this battle means, 1 less commander! Let's go! *the Player wins the boss battle* Fox: Alright, the map says, we have to go to an underground in the Mountain, North from here. Falco: That's in the middle of the battlefield Player: Are there any ships here? Falco: Just 1, we'll need to use that. (The Party gets into the ship) Player: There's a auto pilot system here *presses button* *hologram of Darth Vader appears* Darth Vader: Welcome, you have activated the hologram, I the computer will poilot this ship for you. Be assured, I have excellent pilot skills. (The Party makes it to the ground, and gets into the underground path) Fox: It looks like we'll have to fight more empty souls. (30 minutes later) Player: We got to the Room Core, now what? Fox: We'll just lower the shields, and get out of this place. Wolf: Can't let you do that, Star Fox. Falco: Now we can finally get rid of you. Player: This would have been better if SDC knew about Nintendo games more, because he's forced to make these worlds really short. Wolf: Oh do you now? Well, after I show you my new power, you won't be saying that for long.RrrrrrrrHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *dramatic music plaus as Wolf has green lightning surronds him and his muscles buffing* Wolf: These are the affects of the souls simulant, I gather power from every soul that was absorbed! Player: I have to use the Master Light Form! Wolf: I don't think so! *Electricity comes from the ground and shocks the Player* Player: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The pain,.............I can't transform... Wolf: Without it, you can't beat me! Fox: You still have us, come on! We'll fight him together! Player: Alright. Wolf: What is that? His eyes are........ (The Player's eyes turn all white, and you see a ghostly figure of the Warrior of Light, surronding him) Wolf: Here it comes! (battle begins) (After a long battle, the party wins) Wolf: Darn it! Am I going to perish. Player: I can sense that you weren't always like this. My senses tell me this happend a few years before you killed Fox Mccloud's father. I will bring you back to the Light! *a light comes from his keyblade* Wolf: My eyes...... I can see. My heart feels.......warm *Looks to the Player* Thank you. This is hard to believe, I can see in the light now. I'll deactivate the shields, use the self descruct, then we can get out of here through the escape pod. (The Main Base explodes, and the setting goes back to the Base) Cade: Well done, now we need to go to other Nintendo worlds. They are calling for us. Player: Bye. We'll come back and visit some time. Fox: Before you go, *throws a keychain* Fox: This is a gift Falco and I got you. The keychain is powerful, it increases magic, and makes you faster. (Obtained Star Keyblade!)
  • Next world, Hyrule!(Legend of Zelda) Link:*sees the party, and gets out Master Sword* Are you followers of Ganon? Player: Of course not, and sense when could you speak? All you ever say is, ZEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Why is that? Link:SDC lets me speak in this game. Since only travelers ask me that, you're clear. Terra: Is Ganon trying to take over this world? Link: No, it's been awfully quiet. I defeated Ganon 2 years ago, and since then. It's been awfully queit. All I do right now is go into dungens, and hunt remanants of Ganon's followers. Ventus: Could you show us around Hyrule? Link: Sure, I've got nothing to do. (30 minutes later) (An Unmortal Souls commander summons noboides and empty souls) Link: What the? Aqua: That's an Unmortal Souls commander! Link: How did he get here? There's a barrier that keeps enemies from entering Hyrule? Other than Ganon. Ventus: He must have used a dark corridor to get here. Jack: Can we just go after him already? Player: Get out of the way nobodies! (After fighting a barrage of enemies) Unmortal Souls Commander: So there are six of you. No matter. Jack: Any of us could defeat you 1 on 1. Unmortal Souls Commander: True, however. *multipies unitl there is 100 of him* Can you beat all of us? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Player: What is it with the laughing!? You all like to laugh don't you?!!!!! (The Player can choose Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Jack, and Link thier party members, after choosing 4, the other 2 become non party member allies.) The battle is where, you have to defeat the commander, 99 of them have small health bars, only 1 has the real health bar) Ventus: *breathes* This is the biggest boss battle in KH history. 100 vs 6. Commander: Before I disappear, I will use the last of my energy to summon Ganon's spirit! Link: What? Commander: Now go! Back to your grave, and reclaim your body! Player: He can do that? Wait, why do the antaginsts always tell us their plan? Link: No time! He's headed towards his tomb,but in order for us to enter we need 4 of the Spiritual Stones. I get each 1 through a dungen. Terra: So we have to go into 4 dungens, just so we can enter Ganon's Tomb. Link: Yeah, even though there's only 3, SDC made a 4th one. Jack: Why does SDC make eveything harder for us? (4 dungens later) Link: Good, Ganon hasn't reclaimed the body. Hurry, destory it! Jack: Thunderaga! Ganon: To late! Ventus: Shouldn't the body have desintigrated? It's been 2 years. Ganon: This is a game fool! (A wind blows from him) Link: He's stronger than before! Don't tell me he? Jack: That's a Darkness Crystal! I used that to locate beings of darkness. He's using it to increase his power! Ventus: Let's just get into our Master Forms! (There's an Earth Symbol below Terra) Terra:? Aqua: Don't space out! We have to fight Ganon. Terra: Right. (After a long battle, Ganon is defeated) Terra: Fo some reason, I saw an Earth Symbol. Aqua: I saw a Magicka symbol earlier. Cade: 2 of the 6 lost legacies have been found. That makes 4. We need to the other 2. Link: Thanks for helping. Ventus: We need to get going.
  • (On the Gummi Ship at night, the Player is shown on his bed) Player*a flash back to yesterday when he was on his bed, looking at a picture of Destiny Islands) Cade: What's wrong? Do you miss the islands? Player: Well, I've never had a family. My mom died when giving brith to me, and my dad in a car crash in the same day. I don't have any other family members that live in the islands. I was raised in an orphange. When I turned 12, I managed to get my own house. I've been alone, expect for having my friends there. Cade: Then, think your friends as family. *flash back ends* Player: What he said has helped me alot. (EXPLOSION) Jack: Our ship is getting sucked into something. Cade: The unmortal souls are sucking us in, only 1 of us can hide, and rescue all of us. Jack: I'll do it! Ventus: Yeah, you're the only 1 they don't know about! (The party expect Jack is taken to the interogation chamber) * You are now playing as Jack* (After an area is cleared a cutscence appears where the rest of the party is being interogated) Player: Cade. can't you just get us out of here? Cade: If I did that, we'd all die. Head Commander(just below general): Where are your HQ! Answer me! Aqua: Never! *everyone gets shocked* Head Commander:What's your misson?! Player: We're going to kill Jstin Bieber! And take his babies! Ventus: ._. *everyone gets shocked* Head Commander: JB is dead. Nice try. I will come back later for more interogation. The Leader will be here immedatly. *leaves* Cade: Jack needs to rescue us now. I fear that I even I won't be able to defeat him. Terra: Where have I heard this all before? (Jack eventually gets there) (everyone leaves for the hanger, while the Player, Cade, and Ventus are going to unlock the dock gates. ) H. Commander: I won't let you go away, as you see I have half of the commanders here. you can't win. Ventus: Why do antaginists always tell us things that help us? Player: You can't win! *after a long battle* H Commander:*as he dies*:So you what he said you were..........No wonder I see you right now..............Player: What am I? Answer me! Ventus: He's gone, he can't tell you! Cade: We need to exit now! *later, they are at the hanger until someone is in front of them* Ventus: It can't be it's.................... Player: The Lord of the Unmortal Souls...................... Cade: Lord Keshin. Lord Keshin: Well if it isn't the Dragon Legacy, Cade, *stares a the Player* and you......the Warrior of Light! Player: What do you mean? He's my Great Grandfather? Lord Keshin: Great Grandfather? *laughs* Is that what you told him Cade? Boy, you are the Reincarnation of the Wairror of Light. You are him. Player!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? How....can possible? Cade, why didn't you tell me?! Cade: I wanted to tell you when you were older. I couldn't have told you. Lord Keshin: Well, it seems I can finish you both off now! (The battle starts and the Player amd Ventus are defeated, while Cade and Keshin fight in an intense battle) Cade: I won't let you go any where near him! Lord Keshin: Trying to protect your best friend? Ah, how sweet! Cade: Shut up! He died once, and I can't let him die again! (Cade uses a smoke bomb, and everyone escapes)
  • Player: Cade why was it that you didn't tell me I was the Warrior of Light, you also didn't me his name. Cade: His name was Galen Septim. The reason I didn't tell you about what you are because it would make you targetted. Player: I also need to know how you found me. Cade: I witnessed your fight in the Land of Depature, so after you left Keyblade Graveyard I informed Xesthan of everything. Riku's portal was supossed to bring you back to Xesthan's World, I had it direct you to me instead. *The Screen shows Master Xesthan's face* M. Xesthan: We have been informed that all Nintendo worlds have been freed. Terra: Yeah! Jin: It seems you've found out. Player: You also knew? You to Master? Master Xesthan: Yes, since you have found out, there may be some changes........... Player: What do you mean? M. Xesthan: You'll see. Anyway, you shall now continue searching for the Stronghold of the Unmortal Souls. (Next world: Soul Caliber!)
  • Cade: We'll do better if we search in 2 groups. Ventus, Jack, you 2 come with me. You, Terra, and Aqua will be in another. Ventus: Why would we need to split in groups? Aqua: To find and destroy Soul Edge, simple. Fight 1: Hilde: Suspicous characteristics, you are a servant if Nightmare? Player: Of course not! Hilde: No servant of nightmare shall live, die! Aqua: Seriously? Ivy: It's time to play! Terra: Oh come on! And also have to fight Voldo! *the party defeats Hilde, Ivy, and Voldo* Fight 2: Party vs Cervantes, Asatorth, and Maxi. *The Party wins* Narrator: A formidable opponent awaits! Angol Fear: I will remove all obsecals in my path! *The Party easily wins* Fight 4: Party vs Beserker, Assian, and Link! Player: Link what are you doing here? Link: I was in SC 2 so I can be here. *throws keychain* You forgot this, it's called the A Link to Triforce. *Party wins* Player: It's Siefred! He's fighting Nightmare! Nighmare: Don't get in my way! *takes Aqua's and Terra's soul* Player: Aqua, Terra! Nightmare: Yes more souls! (The Player and Siegfred defeat nightmare, Nightmare turns back into it's original form as Inferno* Player: It's Inferno! Siegfred: That's Soul Edge itself! Inferno: You will pay! *Inferno is killed, Soul Edge falling from the air, Aqua and Terra's souls are restored* Siefred: Thanks. *Agol appears, and takes Soul Edge* Agol: Yes, that blade, my memory. You will hand me Soul Calibur! Seigfried: You are wrong! This a sword of absolution, of forgiveness! *Agol defeats Siegfred and takes Soul Calibur* Agol:*stares at the Player* You have done well, this will be the first battle in ages. You 3 will be worthy sacfrices for my resurrection! (The PArty defeats Agol, joins up with everyone and leaves for the next world)
  • (Next world, Space Emessary) Player: Cool it's the Super Smash Bors. world! Aqua: Does that mean we have to see Link again? Jack: I hope the pokemon aren't affected by 4kids. (The story is the same as in the game so yeah, no need to waste time then. To the Final Boss!) Player: So I have to choose 4 Nintendo characters as party members to fight Tabuu? Alright. Let's see Pikachu, Ike, Dark Night, and Lucario. Jack: He's not in the game! Player: Who cares? Come on let's go! *After a long hard battle, the Party wins* Dark Night: I'm going to sue you for having a transformation that copies my armor! Player: Do I really care? *lightning on Dark Night* Dark Knight: Okay you can use it! Just let me live! *The keyhole is sealed*
  • Next World: Radiant Garden. Cade: It's been a while since we've been to a canon KH world. Jack: Squall, Cloud! Can I have your autographs. Terra: ._. . Leon: It's Leon, be gone Skeleton. Jack: I'll just get Sephiroth's autograph then. Cloud: Don't say his name! *knocks Jack into th wall* Leon: So you must be the main character, we've been waiting. Player: Why? Cloud SDC says that there's something on in Ansem's lab that's outside of his control. Ventus: Outside of his control, that can't be good. Player: Let's get going then. (20 minutes later) Aqua: Well there's Xemnas walking down those stairs............Wait my armor's down there!? *The Player kills Xemnas with Force Lightning* Voice: You fool! You have ruined the canonical time line! Player: Who cares? So this factory, it makes heartless, maybe this is why it's out of control. *empty souls start being created and being spread all over Radiant Garden* Factory: Starting destruction of the town. Jack: We have to destoy the factory then the empty souls. *the enemies are defeated, then everyone splits up, they join each other in the 10,000 Empty Souls battle!) *1 hour later it ends* Player: We unlocked a secret boss! Let's go inside the portal. (The bosses are Xemnas(super boss mode), Sephiroth, Lingering Seniment, Vanitas Seniment, and Mysterous Figure. Player: Why does SDC always do this to us? *meanwhile in SDC's computer room* SDC: HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Let's see you defeat 5 really hard bosses! *after a long battle, the Party wins* Player: I'm the main character, yet WE HAVE TO GO THOUGH ALL OF THIS!? Why SDC? Why? (Next world: ???)
  • Cade: It's the Broken World. Remember the misson, we find their stronghold, then report it to the Order. Understood? Everyone: Yes! (after fighting many empty souls) Hideki Tojo: Well if it isn't you 4 again. Cade: We have to avoid fighting him, he will report our location. *knocks Hikeki out* Now the general won't remember anything, move! (The Party fight many enemies then get the location of the Stronghold on the Data pad, and return to the Order of Light) *They tell Jin everything* Jin: Well done, we will begin preparations for war. We're going start the attack in 7 months. That will give you all more than enough time to train. In your current levels, you can't defeat Lord Keshin. Master Kajin will train Jack and Aqua. He specializes in magic. Master Yen Sid will train Ventus and Terra with Mickey. Player: Mickey's here? Jin: Yes, we have prepared a machine so he can come here when he needs to. Continuing, Master Xesthan and Cade will train you(the Player) training. Training starts 1st thing in the morning.
  • (The next day) Master Xesthan: We are now going to teach you the 2nd level of the Light Master form. Cade: It's called "Hikari Oracle" To aquire this, you must get stronger until you can successfully transform let's begin! (meainwhile with Aqua and Jack getting trained by Master Kajin) Master Kajin: I'm going to teach you how to use Magicka's Grace, it enchanes your magic. The methods for your training will be practing your spells and reading these textbooks on magic. (Now to Ventus, Terra, and Mickey) Terra:With all due respect Master, how can you train us when we've surpassed you? Master Eraqus: Don't think I haven't been able to use my Master form. I just so far to weakend to use it in the fight back at the Land of Depature. Now, all we'll do is have you be trained the way I had you before. (7 months later) Master Xesthan: You've all done well in your training, so I know promote all of you to Keyblade Warrior. The attack begins 2 days from now, rest up. (2 days later) Jin: These are the battle plans, Aqua and Jack will lead the mages along with Master Kajin. Terra while lead the brutes, Eraqus will attack with the rest of the army, the young warrior(the player), Ventus, Xesthan, and Cade will make an entry into the stronghold. Once you make it, split up Ventus and Xesthan will take out the empty souls from the below part, and the young warrior will go with Cade to the upper part and confront the Lord of the Unmortality Beings. Player: How are we going to defeat their ships? Jin: Fox and Falco will handle that of course. We've got alot of Nintendo characters aiding us. Ventus: Awsome! Jin: We must leave immediatly!
  • The Broken World visit 2, the War Begins! (The Player fight through a series of enemies while getting to the stronghold, after clearing the first area the Player takes control of Aqua with Jack as a party member fighting empty souls.) Aqua: They just keep coming! Jack: Who's that? Is that a Umortality Being Commander? Commander Specialest 1: I'm a commander specialest #1. All commander specialests are equal in rank to regular commanders. Although, we specialize in ways of fighting. Let me show you my abiltity, summoning! *summons 10 behmoths* Master Kajin: Men, stand back! Jack, Aqua, we have to fight them without risking the safety of the followers. *all 3 of them use Magicka's Grace and their magic gets enhanced* (The stragety of the battle is to defeat the S. commander, he always teleports around so use attacks that hurt several enemies at once and be carefull for the summons) *Aqua kills the S. Commander* Master Kajin: Why have this area cleared. *talks to Fox on a transmitter* have you lowered the shields. Fox: No luck, their defences are to high, it'll take more time. Master Kaijn: Roger that. (The control changes to Terra, he is leading the brutes to capture a command post) Terra: We've almost captured, we just have to elimenate the rest of them. S. Commander 2: Do you really think you could just walk in here and capture the command post? I'll show you my abitity! (uses telekinesis to throw boulders at Terra,but he dodges) Terra: I'd like to see you try and defeat me! (The battle is where you are supossed to dogde his attacks and attack him while he's in the air) *Terra wins* Terra: Command Post: Captured. (The control goes back to the Player as they make it to the stronghold) Cade: This is where we split up. Ventus: Good luck. Player: You to. Be careful Master! Master Xesthan: I'll be fine. (Atfer making it half way up to the top room, the control goes to Master Xesthan and Ventus you can switch who play as) ???: It's been a very long time, Xesthan you look as handsome as before. Master Xesthan: It can't be............................ Ventus: Who is it? Master Xesthan: ......... Har.......uka...... is that you? You're still ..........alive? I thought you died in your last misson. Haruka: I became an empty soul on that misson and I chose to stay with Lord Keshin. Master Xesthan: What about starting a family? Remember that after we got married, we promised that we would start a family. Haruka: I'm no longer the Haruka that was your wife, I'm an Empty soul that's been ordered to destroy you! *summons keyblade* Master Xesthan: Then....I will set you free of this curse, Haruka! (Haruka was the only keyblade master ever to rival Xesthan's power so this is going to be a really hard battle, you can access Master Xesthan's Light Master Form and it's 2nd level.) * Master Xesthan wins* Master Xesthan:*tears fall from his eyes* Hiruka, please don't go! We were going to start a family and have children. Hiruka:*disappearing* No matter where I am, I will always be there..............*disappears* Master Xesthan: Haruka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ventus:*talks to Jin through transmaitter* It may take a while to met with you, see.......*explains what happend* Jin: I understand, come when you are ready.
  • (The control gets back to the Player, and fight through another series of enemies) Cade: Just 7 more floors. General Hideki Tojo: I'm afraid I won't let you go any further. Cade: How did you get here so fast? General Hideki Tojo: The elevator. Player: I was trying to tell you,but you just decided to go up the stairs! *The General summons a red scythe* General: It's time I've killed you, you've been a threat and now I will end it! *The General flies around and tries to hit you with his sythe, he will also use the environment itself and try try to kill you, note: it changes* *The Player wins*General Hideki Tojo: I've failed Lord Keshin.*fades* Player: Come on let's keep going! *several eneimes later* Cade: The next level is where Keshin awaits, you might want to rest. (The control switches to Fox as he tries to destroy the shields) Fox: Falco, destract the incoming enemies, I'll head straight in and destroy the shields. Falco: Roger that. *after destroy enemies Fox finally destroys the shields* Falco: All that needs to be done is destroy the stronghold. (The control goes back to the Player) *The Player walks into the room* Lord Keshin: Cade, the Warrior of Light, it's about time you 2 came. Cade: How do you know so much about us? Lord Keshin: It seems you don't remember one of your old partners, my father. Cade: You don't mean..............Raidon! Player: Who's he? Cade: Back in the days of when I was a Commander of the Light army, Raidon was someone who rivaled me. He was said to strike as fast as lightning and use power lightning magic. But, he died in the far when the 6 Sages were killed! Lord Keshin: I aqurried a datapad and a stone that expands life. Player: Why would turn nobodies into empty souls? Lord Keshin: You see this? You may be thinking, why would I try to obtain Kingdom Hearts. Simple, it's not Kingdom Hearts. What you see here is the door Realm to Souls! Each time an empty soul is created, the portal in creases in size, when I enter I will have enough power to turn everyone into an empty soul! Once I do that, I will remake the universe! Player: We won't let that happen! (battle begins, you'll just have to be carefull and you will be able to defeat him) Lord Keshin: Darn it.......... Come empty souls! Let me feed on your power so that I may crush our enemies! *turns into a blue creature* Cade: He's much stronger than before! *Cade gets into his Master Shadow Form* *The Player goes into his Master Light Form* (the battle starts. He's alot larger this time. When there's an opening aim for the head) *The Player an Cade win* (Lord Keshin turns back to normal) Lord Keshin: Why won't you die! *summons takes with empty souls in tubes, and sucks all of them and gets blue armor all over his body* Lord Keshin: Cade, you might want to know something. *takes off his helmet and is shown as woman face* Cade: What the? *nosebleeds and faints* Player: Cade! Lord Keshin:*his face turn back to normal face and puts the helmet back on* I knew of his peverted side, now you have to fight me alone! First things first, I will kill Cade right now! Player:*I can't make it to where Cade is, damn* (There's a flash of Light, then you see Riku blocking his attack* Player: Riku! When did you get here? I thought you were fired! Riku: I was allowed to come back. I've been helping in the attack, I made it just in time. (A Soul Symbol glows above Riku) Lord Keshin: Can this be? You are one of the lost legacies, the Soul Legacy! I thought I was in the family! I've been able to minipulate souls. Riku: Unfortuately for you, I can use these powers in ways you can't! Player: Is that why your clothes look like Dark Form only with Blue and White? That must be the Master Soul Form. Riku: Correct, now we should go to the 2nd Stage! Player: Right! *both change into the 2nd Stage of thier Master Forms* Lord Keshin: Very well, come out my creation! Riku: What is that? Keshin: This is mother of souls herself, Saika! Saika: It's about time someone woke me up. It looks like Darkness didn't forfill his duty after all. Player: What's going on? Does that mean she's like the embodyment of all souls? Saika and Keshin: It won't matter you insignificant welps are dead! We are what represnets souls, you are nothing to us. Riku: It's true we're just 2 keyblade wielders,but Player: All of the hopes of our friend and everyone is being carried on our shoulders. Like you, we represent something. We are what builds the bridge to hope, and what drives people like you away. We are the keyblade wielders of the Lost 6 Legacies that the 6 Sages died for! The hearts, hopes,souls, and lives of everyone are our power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *The final Battle begins with dramatic music, Riku will be helping you defeat Keshin and Saika. This is a hard battle* *After a very long and hard battle, the Player and Riku defeat them* Riku: We have to hurry, this place is going to blow! *everyone escapes* (
  • (After the war, we see everyone gets medals, and of course everyone celebrates with a party) Player: I heard master got despressed earlier. Ventus: *explains* Player: He must be hiding that sadness, even right now. Ventus: Master Xesthan said that he's glad to have you as apprentice. You're like the son he never had. Player: Come to think of it, he never would talk about his earlier life besides having to do with training , history, and traveling. (Later that night) (The dream shows a few few flashes of the Warrior Light's memories, then the Player wakes up) Player:(I realize what I have to do. I'm to carry on the destiny of the slient generations passing on. I'm going to keep on reincarnating, so I must defend the universe for as long as I live. I will break the curse so I will no longer have to regain my memories),but for now I have to help Ventus find the lost Legacies. There's only 1 left right? We have to accopmplish that task first then. (The next morning, everyone leaves for their home worlds, and we see the Player and Master Xesthan back at his world, the Brightfull Plains.) Player: Are you going to be alright Master? M. Xesthan: I'll be fine. Player:*looks to the sky* I'm sure another destiny awaits us. (END Credits) (After Credits) Warrior of Light: At last you've found out, you might even suceed. There will be a time when we can be whole again. I wonder when everyone will start calling me by my real name, Galen Septim. Of course, everyone here has respect for me. Void's Shadow: We can't spend to long here. We don't want to get caught being where your reincarnation is. Galen Septim: Right. *to himself* Watch over him, Cade. (cutscene ends) THE END Thanks for reading! There will be a sequel! There are also sidequests!

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