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Kingdom Hearts: Loved is a spinoff starring Shen, and begins as his homeworld is already falling apart.

Main StoryEdit

Endless CityEdit

The story begins with Shen watching 2 news stories.One is about the recent meteor shower and the material it created, and the other is about the Heartless recently appearing in the city, which have been deemed unfriendly but generally harmless by the town council. His girlfriend then calls to tell him that she is waiting for him outside, so he starts downstairs. Halfway down there is a quake and he hears a scream from Emily, prompting him to rush down the stairs. As Shen gets outside, he is witness to collapsing buildings and evaporating streets while the Heartless pour into the world's Keyhole in Park Square. He notices Emily being swallowed by darkness, and sprints to help her, but fails, and is pulled in with her. As the dark puddle closes, a single crack of light appears in it, and Shen appears, weilding the Klassen Key. Multiple Runners pour out of the darkness, along with one Dark Mind, belonging to Emily. As Shen defeats Emily's Heartless, her heart instead becomes the Keychain Loving Memory. Shen escapes and leaves the dying world, now Broken City, in an experimental Gummi Ship, following the pre-programmed test flight, which leads him to Disney castle.

Disney CastleEdit

Seconds after stepping out of the gummi ship, Chip& Dale stop him, and ask who he is.(More updates soon)

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