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The DreamverseEdit

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Alyssa, Part 1Edit

(Kyle is walking through a forest, when he hears a scream.)

???: (screams) Stay back! Hraaahh!

Kyle: Someone's in trouble! Over... there! (dashes off in the direction of the scream)

Alyssa, Part 2Edit

(Kyle arrives at the location of the scream, to find a teenage, brown-red haired girl with a black and gold Keyblade fighting off a hoard of Night Terrors.)

???: Hraaaaahh! (attacks a Night Terror)

Kyle: Need help? Bring it, slimy! (drops into a fighting stance)

Alyssa, Part 3Edit

(Kyle has destroyed all the Night Terrors, and is panting)

Kyle: There.. you... go...

???: (panting) Thanks...(her Keyblade disappears) Thanks a lot.

Kyle: No problem...

???: (becomes shy) Well...(scratches back of head) I, uh, better get going.. It was nice to meet you.

Kyle: (his Keyblade disappears as well) Name's Kyle.

Alyssa: (bows head) My name's Alyssa. Pleased to meet you..

Kyle: Same here. Hey, why are you here? Somnix told me that people were becoming trapped here.

Alyssa: I was looking for my friends... But I saw those creatures and must've mistook them for something else.

Kyle: Hmm... Maybe we should team up?

Alyssa: (nods) Sure!

Jesse, Part 1Edit

(Kyle and Alyssa are walking through a rocky ravine.)

Kyle: So, your friends went missing?

Alyssa: Yeah. Souske and Rei. They disappeared shortly after my home was attacked...

Kyle: Hmm... So you thought they might be here? (looks up) HOLY-

(A muscly teenager with blue hair, a white jacket, and camo jeans, holding a blue catXdragon themed Keyblade falls down, and hits the ground, landing on his feet.)

Alyssa: Wah! (takes a step back) Who..?

???: Name's Jesse, and don't just stand there and stare, help me kill THAT! (points at a giant Night Terror on the top of the ridge)

Kyle: Right! (drops into fighting stance, Keyblade appears)

Alyssa: No prob! (Keylbade appears and she gets into her fighting stance)

Jesse, Part 2Edit

Alyssa: (watches the Night Terror disappear after being defeated) Whew...(Keyblade disappears) That was a tough one..

Kyle: (keyblade vanishes) Yeah...

Jesse: Yeah. (turns to walk away)

Alyssa: Hey, wait!

Kyle: Like it or not, you're stuck here! So you might as well come with us!

Alyssa: Yeah! Please, come with us! ^_^


Kyle: Awesomesauce!

Somnix, King of DreamsEdit

(The trio are walking through Sominx's castle.)

Kyle: Well, I got some other people, so I guess we should go and see Somnix now.

Alyssa: Somnix?

Kyle: Yeah, he's- oh, there he is!

(The large legless cloud dragon lands with a thud in front of them.)

Jesse: Holy-

Alyssa: - crap!

Somnix: So, you have gathered two Keyblade weilders, as I instructed of you...

Kyle: You bet your big cloudy tail I did!

Alyssa: Wh-What?! What's this thing talking about, Kyle?

Kyle: The quick version? Bad guy taking over world, only us who got Keyblades can stop him.

Jesse: Big bad guy?

Kyle: Try half a skyscraper high.

Jesse: Awesome.

Alyssa: Ah... Not awesome! How are the three of us going to stop something that big?

Somnix: You will need more allies to defeat Nether.

Kyle: How many?

Somnix: I do not know... I shall join your quest, in human form, to aid the fight! (glows)

Kyle: Oh boy...

Alyssa: Am I getting the feeling that this won't be fun?

(Somnix explodes in a flash of light, and when the clouds clear, he stands in human form! He looks like Xion, but with silver hair, and a white-and-grey version of King Mickey's clothing from Birth by Sleep.)

Kyle: Woah...

Alyssa: (whistles) Cool!

Jesse: Alright, let's go already!

Kyle: Yeah!

Alyssa: (nods) Okay!


Kyle: Somnix?

Somnix: Hmm?

Kyle: Where are we going?

???: That's what I'D like to know!

Alyssa: Huh? (looks around for the voice)

(A guy in a similar outfit to Vampire Sora, but with red gloves, short rounded hair and brown eyes runs up at impressive speed,)

Alyssa: (tilts head) And who are you?

Jackular: Jackular, Keyblade wielder, demipyre, and awesome.

Alyssa: Okay... I'm Alyssa.

Kyle: Kyle.

Jesse: Jesse.

Somnix: Demipyre? The legendary race of half-vampires?

Jackular: Yep.

Alyssa: Vampire?!

Jackular: Yes. (puts on sarcastic vampire accent) I hav come to zuk your blood, blahblah. (normal voice) Don't worry, I don't drink blood. I'm only half-vamp.

Alyssa: (nervous laugh) Hehehe.... (scoots a little ways from Jackular)

Kyle: Wait, Keyblade wielder?]

Jackular: Yeah!

Kyle & Jesse & Somnix: Welcome to the team.

Jackular: Alright! Sitting around for 10 years gets boring once in a while.

Alyssa: Whoa, 10 years?!

Jackular: Demipyres live or about 300 years. It's not forever, but hey, what can I say?

Alyssa: That's..a long time.

Jackular: Yeah...

Kyle: Come on already! Let's GO!

Alyssa: Okay, okay!

Kyle & Jesse: Let's do this thang!

The Soul SocietyEdit

(Kyle, Somnix, Alyssa, Jesse, and Jackular are walking down a stone path, lined with whitewashed buildings with shingled roofs)

Kyle: Creepy...

Jackular: I feel right at home!

Alyssa: (rubs arms) This place gives me the creeps...

Jesse: Ah, I've seen worse...

(Several Soul Reapers clad in black kimonos approach the group, swords drawn)

Soul Reaper 1: Stop right there, Ryoka!

Soul Reaper 2: Surrender!

Soul Reaper 3: Blow the rules, let's kill 'em! (points his sword at Alyssa's throat)

Kyle: AH! What the hell?! (Keyblade materialises)

Jesse: Looking for a fight, eh? (Keyblade appears)

Alyssa: (yelps, and her Keyblade appears in her hand)

Somnix: Stand down! (a ball of dream energy appears in his hand)

Soul Reaper 2: What the- Keyblades?!

Soul Reaper 4: Never mind that, they're weaklings. They couldn't stand up to any of us, from the Zaraki Squad!

Soul Reaper 3: Exactly! Looks like we'll get our morning workout after all! And on our patrol, too!

Kyle: Somnix! Who the hell are these freaks? Nether's goons?

Alyssa: (hits hte sword away from her throat and backs away to stand by her friends)

Jackular: (grins, reveals fangs, and summons Keyblade)

(All Soul Reapers rear their swords back and rush in to strike)

???: Stand down, all of you.

(They stop, and turn around. A Soul Reaper Captain approaches the group.)

Soul Reapers: (surprised) Captain! (they kneel) Sir!

Captain: Please, allow me to escort these Ryoka personally. My Squad and I are more than capable.

Soul Reapers: Yes, sir! (They Flash step away)

Captain: (He smiles) My apologies for this lude introduction. I am Nathaniel Koroshiya, Captain of the Kingdom Guard. (He spreads his arms out wide) As a Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, I welcome you to Soul Society.

Alyssa: Uh...

Kyle: Okaaaaaaaaay...

Somnix: I am Somnix, King of Dreams. These are the warriors who have joined the quest to stop Nether, the Dark Lord of Nightmares, from taking over both my world and yours.

Nathaniel Koroshiya: (Raises eyebrow) Ours? I can assure you, Soul Society can hold its own.

Somnix: No, you misunderstand. Nether aims to take control of Reality.

Kyle: So we have to go pwn his evil ass!

Jesse: Couldn't have put it better myself.

Jackular: (chuckles)

Alyssa: Oi...

Nathaniel Koroshiya: Reality is one thing. Death is another.

Somnix: There are three main worlds; mine, the Dreamverse; yours, Reality; and Nether's, the Nightmare Realm. He has enough power to utterly raze this world to the ground. He must be stopped.

Kyle: By us-

Jesse: Cause we-

Jackular: Are gonna pwn-

All 3: HIS ASS!

Alyssa: (facepalms)

Somnix: You appear to be a powerful warrior, Captain Koroshiya. We would be honored for you to join us.

Nathaniel Koroshiya: ... (Sweat drops)

???: If you're the ones to defeat them, then we don't have anything to worry about.

Alyssa: Huh?

(Up on a roof, Zane Koroshiya kneels on one knee, right arm on his knee)

Zane Koroshiya: (Smirking) As if you guys could beat any of us. (points to chest)

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