"Destiny is often given to those who needed it the least."

Kingdom Hearts: Odyssey
Developer(s) Square Enix
Genre Action Role Playing, Stylish Action, Action Adventure
Game Modes Single Player and Multiplayer

-Official tagline

"Infinite worlds. Infinite Possibilities. Four Heroes"

-Second tagline

Kingdom Hearts: Odyssey is a fan-made project conceptualized by The Owl City.

The project is actually crossover between the main elements heavily featured in the original franchise and Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, where the story serves as a sequel to it. While Disney Worlds are expected to be highlighted, the heroes would also encounter worlds that were featured in the show, as well as new additions in the multiverse and certain locations from the Marvel Universe.

Core gameplay offers the same layout as with the original, although having a number of tweaks to provide a more fluid experience and giving it a hack-and-slash vibe akin to the likes of Devil May Cry, God Of War, Metal Gear Rising, and Bayonetta.

Plot Edit

Four kids from Middleburg were chosen to become the warriors of Keyblade as they embark on an interdimensional adventure throughout the multiverse to quell the worlds from the ongoing Pseudo-Heartless invasion and liberate the Guardian from agonizing imprisonment at the hands of a growing crime syndicate known as the Agents of Misfortune, who seek to bring forth a corrupted version of Kingdom Hearts to satisfy their needs.

Gameplay Edit

While retaining the standard RPG modicums as seen with previous Kingdom Hearts installments, Odyssey heavily emphasizes in a fast-paced combat system using combos with attack commands requiring the player to execute a wide variety of button inputs related to that command. A Stylish Rank-like mechanic called "Fluid Counter" grades the player's performance against all sorts of enemies and depending on the final rank earned at the end of the fight, will reward them additional Combat Points (CP) that are used to unlock new commands or strengthen one.

Combat System Edit

The combat system of Odyssey is a far cry from previous Kingdom Hearts titles. For starters, physical attacks are divided into Light Attacks (■) and Heavy Attacks (▲). The former uses swift strikes but has relatively weak damage while the latter inflicts more damage but such power cuts the player's attack speed, making them open to enemy retaliation. Repeating the same attack pattern or alternating them will yield a slew of over-the-top combos that can devastate a significant degree of damage or inflict a status ailment.

Unique Abilities Edit

Playable characters have their own unique combat abilities that makes them distinguish one another, as well as motivating players in experimenting with their idiosyncratic battle styles to figure out whatever tactics that are applicable to each character. An example of these abilities is Kira's Doppelganger, where she creates copies of herself that either fight alongside her or take the killing blow in her stead.

Cooking & Restaurants Edit


Characters Edit

Part-Time Crusaders Edit

Name Ability
Benjamin Zero Ethereal Drive
Kira Zero Doppelganger
Agatha Oldfield Arcanestyle
Kurt Oldfield Highlander Rage

Agents Of Misfortune Edit

Reznor Zevon
Maximilian Silverhammer
The Chocolatier
Bill Cipher

Pseudo-Heartless Edit

The Pseudo-Heartless serve as the primary enemies of the game. Unlike ordinary Heartless, Pseudo-Heartless are mere imitations to their original counterparts, as they are fabricated into existence through complex artificial methods, with the energies of the Nothingness.

Featured Worlds Edit

Note: A * indicates that this world is optional and has no relevance to the story but it can be visited anytime.

Native Worlds Disney/Marvel Universe
Middleburg Echo Creek/Mewni
Superhero World Gravity Falls
Carnival Halloween World* DunBroch
Dinosaur Cowboy World Sugar Rush
Paradise City/Demon Rock City Norrisville
Dragon World* Treasure Planet*
Neocropolis Middleton
Cyberpunk Greco-Roman World* Danville
Nyx Land of the Dead*
Lux Aeterna Xandar
Sengoku World* Sakaar/Asgard*
Dominus Wakanda
The Most Dangerous World Imaginable Titan*