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Genre Post Kingdom Hearts II

Omniar is a story made by Zelda311. It takes place after the events of Kingdom Hearts II, after the defeat of the Organization. It explains the aftermath of what happened, and what problems it made. The story goes more in-depth with the Organizations' others.

There is a new enemy introduced, called the Andestine. (Anti+Destine) It is when a nobody achieves their ultimate goal of becoming somebody, but without gaining good hearts; with gaining their heartless. For instance if (hypothetically speaking) Roxas got the heart of Sora's Heartless, he would become an Andestine.


Main article: Omniar/Story

The plot deals with the Andestine of Xemnas. Xemnas finds that he is in a transe, a transe of which he is in a blank nothingness- for he is not dead. He has little strength and is very weak. But he feels nothing. He goes into a blank journey to find the lost heartless of Xehanort, and they form. Making the Andestine known as Nullatrum. Driven by power, Nullatrum seeks revenge upon those with hearts of light. He knows he is week, and recruits andestines of Nobodies and Heartless. He forms a new group, of 21 andestines including himself. Nullatrum names the group "Alignment of XXI".

The story tells how every there is a Keyblade for everyone with a heart of light, it's just that you need to know how to get your Keyblade. When you know your true self and destiny, you recieve your Keyblade. The protagonist of the story, Unmei, [Japanese for Destiny] falls asleep whilst falling off of a cliff. He awakens in the Keyblade Graveyard, finding his own sentiment. Unmei looks at his hand, finding himself wielding a Keyblade called Omni. After defeating the sentiment, Unmei has a vision of the Alignment of XXI, but has no idea who they are.


Main article: Omniar/Synthesis

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