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Kingdom Hearts: Path of Destiny is a fan made story, following the events of Kingdom Hearts III.


Comming Soon...




  • Sora
  • Ventus
  • Alan
  • Riku
  • Takua
  • Stitch
  • Aruthor
  • Human Tourch
  • Arthur"pbs kids verson"
  • D.W."pbs kid verson"
  • Jerchio "At Jesus Side"


  • Twilight Town
  • England "Sword in the Stone"
  • New York "??"
  • Mata Nui "Star Wars"
  • Hawaii "Stitch"
  • Tattooine "Star Wars"
  • Destiny Island (cut scene)
  • The World That Never Was
  • C.O.
  • Elwood city "arthur"
  • Bethlehem "At Jesus Side"
  • WhoVille "How The Grinch Stoled Christmas"


Very little is known about the gameplay. However, it is known that the game is fast paced like that of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

Reaction ComandsEdit

Reaction Comands play a much bigger role by using them in things called Reaction Battles The only known Reaction battle is against Tedrix on Mata Nui.

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