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Kingdom Hearts: The Balance is based on the balance between Light and Darkness. The story focuses on "The Balance, and the creatures that threaten to destroy it. These creatures are of the Light and are named Heartfull.


Before time was time, Sir Light and Sir Dark, the generals of elements, were at war with their followers, the Heartfull, belonging to Light, and the Heartless, belonging to Darkness. This continued until Light and Dark came to a truce, creating The Balance; doing so would allow them to live in harmony. However, while light and dark were living in peace, their armies still clashed and threatened to destroy The Balance.

Many millenium later, King Mickey's Heartfull was born due to Mickey submitting to the light, but by doing it willingly, his Heartfull kept the body of its predeccesor, and Mickey was allowed to keep half of his heart. If one of them was destroyed, so would the other, so Keymic set out to find the hoard of Heartfull that remained and lead them to victory.

Meanwhile, a young baby boy was brought to an orphanage by ship when suddenly the ship was stormed by Heartfull attempting to capture the baby for some reason, but a woman picked him up and took the rowing boat to the orphanage. They had traveled far north now, and the baby had gone to sleep; as the woman looked she saw light; she looked again and she saw Twilight Town. After a while they had reached port but then it all faded away and Keymic appeared, telling the woman that it was all an illusion of light and that she should give in, which she did, giving yield to a Heartfull. As they were taking the baby away, a Dark Corridor opened and a hand took the baby away.

14 years laterEdit

Kayled woke up with a startle. He looked around and said, "It was just a dream." He put on his clothes and went downstairs, where all the other orphans were. Behind him were two sixteen-year-olds, getting ready to throw a water bomb at him, but all of a sudden an oak made weapon landed on one of their heads and a voice said, "Look out, Kayled!" Kayled looked behind him and quickly dodged the water bomb.

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