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Kingdom Hearts: The World You Don't See is a manga series that takes place before Kingdom Hearts that uses several Fan Characters.

Book Names Edit

Volume 1: Finding the Path- This Volume Features the start of the Heartless Nobody war that lead to the Events of Volume 3.

Volume 2: Nobody Cares- This is the End of the War and has the Events that Lead into Kingdom Hearts: Death battle.

Volume 3: Shattered Hopes- This is the First Vloume that Features all of Orginazation XVIII in one room.

Volume 4: Heartless- This is the Volume that Features the Death of an Orginazation member.

Volume 5: New Man- This Volume is the first to feature my main Fan Character. Lozorn.

Volume 6: Shadows of Fears- This Volume Features the start of Ansem the Wise's Studys of the Heartless.

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