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Kingdom Hearts Academy
Stories Kingdom Hearts Academy

Kingdom Hearts Academy (キングダムハーツアカデミー, Kingudamu Hātsu Akademī) is a world who is the namesake of its story. It is revealed that the Academy protects itself from the Heartless with a Cornerstone of Light.


The Academy is not the complete world, but is situated in a world known as the Medial Plateau which is located in the Realm of Between. The Academy was constructed here so the students would not only learn more about this realm, but also could have equal exposure to both the Realm of Light and Darkness as they learned more about them as well. Anubis's home world will be featured and its name is now pending. This is the information on all the other worlds.


Headmaster Eliezer announces that by the end of the year, a completed Kingdom Hearts will appear above the academy and with the combined efforts of the Masters, all those hearts will be set free.

Master Djauxs begins his betrayal by destroying the Cornerstone of Light whhich then allows hundreds of Heartless to swarm the academy and then summons many more to attack it.

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