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May 14, 2013 - Hey KH fans! I've got an idea! You can create you own user box for your user page. You can insert your fan stories and the wikis that you become administrators. I've created mine for example. -Caramelangel714

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"Nobody knows where the end of the road is. So I'm going beyond it, and leaving this simple world."
Professor Laurell, Kingdom Hearts Legacy
Featured Article

Lexaln Siurt
Lexaln Siurt is a main character in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. Lexaln's first memories as a Nobody start in Twilight Town. He remembers awaking suddenly in the dark depths of a dark alley, surrounded by trash. He did not remember how he got there. He got up and started walking around the urban architecture of the unknown world. Eventually he ended up out of the dark ghetto and into the clean, crisp suburbs, and was found by the police and sent to an orphanage.

For two years, he lived at Twilight Town, abandoned, picked on, and never adopted. One day, a freak storm rolled in, and suddenly the city was under siege by dark, shadowy creatures. There was death and destruction everywhere, and the entire world was crumbling. Lexaln ran from the falling infrastructure and somehow managed to avoid the Heartless, and miraculously managed to sneak on a merchant's Gummi Ship and escape the planet. Feeling even lonelier than before and devastated that his home world was being destroyed. In the space outside of Twilight Town, as Lexaln watched his world die to the darkness, the ship was boarded by Magneto's men who had orbited the planet to make sure no survivors escaped, and he was discovered and taken to Asteroid M to be a slave.

After it is revealed that he is a Nobody, Lexaln's personality starts to drastically change. He realizes everything wrong with him, and he stops trusting people entirely. No longer content to shy from conversations, Lexaln begins shunning all human contact, spending hours just sitting, thinking, searching his soul. He begins to fight with an extreme ferocity, showing absolutely no mercy and vanquishing all he deems evil, including those who get in his way. Easily fired up and never forgetting grudges, Lexaln becomes a frustrated, confused, and angry person. His one true wish and goal becomes finding out who he is, and he starts to yearn for what he is missing; memories, true emotions, his identity. He begin to resent all that lives, simply for having what he can't have. He is only truely quenched when he is slain and becomes himself again.

Does he ever find his true self? See for yourself...
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Message of the Month

Y'know what's worse than having 800 stubs? Having over 1000 Wanted Pages, that's what -- and at least a couple hundred of them are linked to by fewer than five articles. Long story short, this is a problem. I, MechaUltimaZero, the founder of this Wiki, propose a challenge to YOU, User, and that challenge is this: go to your Watchlist, and check every article on it. If it's a stub, improve it until it isn't. If it links to a Wanted Article, then create that article and improve it. However, note that there may be some articles which aren't really "Wanted", but are on the list. This is because of a typo in the link. Therefore, I am requesting that the administrators -- myself included -- run through the Wanted Pages list and check as many of links as possible, in order to correct this. Non-articles linked to by more than ten pages are almost certainly on a navigation template. Typos, however, likely only are linked to once or twice. The point is that if anybody wants this Wiki spotlighted, then stubs must be improved, and the Wanted Pages must be created. And yes, I do realize that creating all or most of them would nearly double the Wiki's size. Even so, what's wikilife without a challenge?

Note: Trying to anger the administrators is not a proper challenge upon which to base one's wikilife.

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