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Story Edit

The world seems peaceful at the most but as heartless and Nobodies alike turn against thier "Masters" even they think hope is lost. Inocently Aerthex, a Nobody, and her friend Axelena flee from the attack on the Castle in The World That Never Was. They leave in surch of the keyblade weilder Sora, on thier adventure they run into a shady man named Noctis. He joins up with the girls to find and stop what is happening. Noctis is not all to nice but Aerthex seems to be the only one out of the two girls who can get along with him. As thier Travel contiues they run into a ton of old enemies they had faceed before and even one of the members of thier group (Noctis). After soon finding Sora nd working with him for a short period of time they come across the Heartless named Sandfury who kills the one hope, Sora. Left unhappy Noctis kills the heartless and they escape.

Charcters Edit

  • Aerthex
  • Axelena
  • Noctis
  • Sora
  • Kaname

(more added later)


  • Worald That Never Was
  • Radient Garden
  • Far Plains
  • Planet mobius (satam sonic conversion)
  • Mushroom kingdom
  • Wipeout zone
  • Dreamland

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