A type of Heartless that appears in Notre Dame. It is one of the standard enemies encountered during both visits.


Knife Jester Similar

A costume with a similar appearance to the Knife Jester

Knife Jesters are similar to harlequinns, with the same clothing type and a color sceme of red and black. They wear white masks similar to Mime Nobodys, and carry razor sharp daggers on belts around their waist.

Jester mask prototype

A potential set of masks for the heartless.

Attack Style/TacticsEdit

Knife Jesters are very agile, often jumping while attacking, making them hard to hit. They throw their daggers at enemies from a distance (Similar to the Bouncywilds from KHI), and like to stay at a distance. Getting in close to hit them is difficult, so using Fire Magic makes it easier.

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Dagger Toss
The Knife Jester throws one to three daggers at once at an enemy. the number is random.
10, 20, or 30
Spread Toss
The Knife Jester throws three daggers at once, each hitting a different enemy.
The Knife Jester leaps backwards without attacking, avoiding close combat. This nullifies the damage from physical attacks for one turn.

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