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Kana クライケ (Kuraike)
Type Human
Role Ally/Protagonist
Home World Radiant Garden
Weapon Sword

Kryke is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Heartspawn. He is a childhood friend of Blain and Cath and is one of the lead protagonists.


Kryke has been a friend of Blain and Cath since his childhood. In KH:H, he was defending his home world, Radiant Garden with Cath when Blain and Sora returned to help out. He trained himself in swordplay and uses the sword "Iron Sun", given to him by his father for his eleventh birthday. He and Cath tagged along with Blain on his adventure through the worlds. He and Cath were captured by Xensur in The World that Never Was, but were eventually rescued by Blain.


Kryke is a fourteen-year-old boy with spiky brown hair and light blue eyes. He wears torn jeans, black sneakers, a green jacket and a white T-shirt underneath. He is usually seen smiling.


Kryke is carefree and energetic, which often gets him in trouble. While he is not stupid, he can be slow at times and often tends to zone out and goof off, even in serious situations. However, he can be very reliable and trustworthy, as he would never break a promise. His devotion to practicing swordplay is another one of his better traits, although he often fools around even in battle.


Kryke is an assistance character. He and Cath fight along side Blain and aid him when he needs it. Kryke can use the elemental spells that Blain learns during his adventure, as well as his own type of speciel attacks. They are as follows:

Spin Blade --- Kryke spins in a circle, slashing any nearby enemies.

Slash Beam --- Fires a blast of energy from his sword.

Pogo Sword --- Jumps into the air and stabs downward as he falls, creating a shock wave as his sword strikes the ground. If he hits and enemy head on, he'll bounce and stab again.

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