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Kana カイル (Kairu)
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Home World TBA
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Darkness

Kyle is the main character from Kingdom Hearts: Neverending Slumber, and is based off of User:Vampire93.


He has messy dark brown hair, almost the same as Roxas, but dark brown, and he appears very, very similar to Sora in Kingdom Hearts II, but the yellow has been changed to dark red, and the undershirt changed to black. He has pale blue eyes, similar to Sora.


Kyle is a fun-loving, laid-back prankster, but when something bad, or odd is going on, he can become very serious about the matter.

Fighting StyleEdit

Main article: Kyle/Abilities

His main Keyblade is the Nightmare. Kyle is a very offense-oriented player. Most of his attacks combine his Darkness magic and powerful rapid Keyblade strikes.

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