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"Go ahead and kill me!
Leila Tamika
"Do you really think i care?!
Name Leila Tamika
DOB 13/4/94
Homeworld Summer Islands.
Role Ally
"Go ahead and kill me! Do you really think i care?!"

Leila is one of the main characters in One Sky... One Destiny Leila lived on Summer Islands for 13 years along with her Best friend Terri.

During the story she is Sixteen years old

Journal entriesEdit

First EntryEdit

  • ???

Found unconscious in Hollow Bastion. Nobody seems to know anything about her.

Second EntryEdit

Longtime friend of 'Terri'.

She seems to care deeply about Riku.

Final entryEdit

Leila, Kairi and Sora seeked out King Mickey in order to protect Riku from getting lost in the darkness.

After finding The king he reveals her fate.


Leila is shown to have minimal combat skills. She often aids Kairi more then Sora and Riku. Leila knows limited magic so she often stays away from the enemy ready to jump in and heal her friends. Riku tries to teach her how to fight even asking her to fight him, Leila denied the offer because (in her own words) "I don't want to hurt you" It is currently unknown if she meant this as a challenge or if she meant it as a caring way. Riku did take this as a challenge and convinced her to fight.

March2010 3 copy

Leila as she appears in OSOD.

Sunny copy copy

Leila in her school uniform (Slightly resembles the destiny islands uniform)


Leila has short brown hair that reaches her shoulders, Bright orange eyes and is fair skinned. She is shown to dress like a tomboy and wears a short pair of pants under her skirt. She wears a chequered wristband (similar to roxas') and on the other arm a set of 3 bracelets. Her shirt reaches over her belt (which is chequered too) slightly. and covers a tiny bit of her skirt. Her original design had her hair reach down past her shoulders, different colour scheme, Even a different way of spelling her name. But many things from the original design remained in the new one. such as the flower charm on her belt, her wristband and her necklace.

In her school uniform she keeps her necklace on but doesn't keep her wristband or her bracelets on.


Leila is pretty flighty, is caring, kind-hearted and NEVER afraid to speak her mind. She has several fears, one being that she gets freaked out by heights. She also flinches at the sight of heartless especially the bigger ones. She is shown to carry her own diary which she never lets anybody touch. She also seems to care deeply about Riku (as the journal states) Even to the point of jumping into the darkness for him. Kairi seems to understand how she feels about Riku and calls it "romantic."


"My name is Leila Tamika. Who are you?"

"We're here right by your side Sora"

"...I'm sorry."

"Terri! Is that really you!?"

"Hold on!" (Healing a party member)

"No!" (Losing a fight/failing to heal a friend)

"Yay!" (Winning a fight)

"I'm not holding back Riku! Fight me! Fight me now!"

"I'm not giving up Riku! I'll Save you even if..."

"Riku?...I'm sorry for trying... i know you told me not to"

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