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Kana レオ (Reo)
Type Human
Role Incidental Character
Age 20
Home World N/A
Family Deseaced
Weapon Deamon Magic
Attribute Death
Status Alive

Leo is a character created by Evnyofdeath, and is the main character of the Original Fanfiction Series Deamonic. He makes a minor appearance in Darkness and Light.


Leo had shoulder length slightly wavey black hair and heterochomic eyes, his right is an almost blood red with a sapphire blue pupil and his left is a pale yellow. He has a somewhat muscular build and wears a cream colored long sleeved button up shirt and beige slacks. When not wearing his shirt it is possible to see a Deamon Brand on his upper body consisting of an upside down pentagram over his heart that has a swirling pattern of branches growing out of it to cover his body.




  • Leo's appearance in Darkness and Light is based on his 5th outfit from Deamonic (if one includes his waiter outift and when his eye changes color).
  • Despite his left eye being yellow he has not given into the Darkness, it is his natural eye color.

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