Kana レプトン (Reputon)
Origin Kingdom Hearts Another Path
Type Messiah
Role Protagonist, Ally
Age 17
Home World Land of Departure
Family Unknown Light (Father Figure)
Weapon Solar Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Lepton is a Keyblade Wielder in Kingdom Hearts: Another Path whom was once apprenticed under Master Yen Sid however it is unknown if he attained the Mark of Mastery or not though it is assumed that he did, like Mauro he seemingly doesn't age for an unknown reason.

Biography Edit




Growing UpEdit

Lepton was originally adopted by Masters Yen Sid and his own Master for Training in the Keyblade Arts, he was taught that there was nothing to fear from the Darkness though the Darkness would need to be stopped over it overtaking the worlds and that was why the Keybladers of Light existed, Lepton became a Master at a young age and seemingly took interest in Yen Sid's lessons on the worlds though not on a hands on approch like King Mickey had during his time as an apprentice.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • The word "Lepton" is the Latin/Greek translation for the word: "Light"

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