Sure, I sense Lilly's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Type Human
Role Protaganist
Home World Desert Of Oblivion
Weapon Dagger
Status Alive

Summary Edit

Lilly is Rose's 16 year old sister. She constastly helps her and is skilled in magic. She loves to help her out. The nobodies also want her nobody. Her weapon is a dagger. She also seems to have to have some psychic ablities as she is able to teleport and watch Rose on her search for her memories.

Personality Edit

She is very sweet but will push that aside if needed to when fighting a enemy. Unlike her sister she is not clusmy but can fall in traps because of her psychic powers. She also loves to sew and to make clothes.She is very patient but it is possible to make her mad. She loves to listen to music and fixing machines. She also is a lot more rational then Rose is.


Past life Edit

She and her sister where trained by Sephiroth in there free time. He tried to get her heart to darkness but her heart had too much light to be controlled by the darkness. Then Sephiroth killed her parents before her and her sister. She got kidnapped and seperated from her sister.

Joining Kingdom Come Edit

Soon after Rose joined they found Lilly and decided after a long argument with Rose to join. She unlike Rose puts the mission and everyone's safety before herself.She often will pass out from the heat which makes it hard for everyone to travel but her intellgence has often saved them from danger.She can teleport in the trees to find shelter for them so she's the secret weapon of the group. She seemed to convinced them to keep Rose in the group after telling them about what happened a few years ago.

Quotes Edit

What a idoit. Doesn't she see that I can help?

Why do you can keep shutting yourself out from the people who care about you?!Huh?!We wanna help but you won't let us!

Please don't judge her...she may seem cold but she's actually a very caring person.

Battle quotes Edit

Give up!(at the start of a battle)

Force!(Using gravity)

I won!(when winning)

Oh great(when losing)

Appearance Edit

Lilly has long curly brown hair often wear down and a rainbow barette that her mother wore the night that her mom and dad wore thinking that it had good luck in it. She wears a short sleeved t-shirt with a peace sign symbolzing that she wishs for world peace. She also wears a necklace with a blue raindrop and long blue pants.