Kana ルミナ
Romaji Rumina
Japanese Lumina
Origin Kingdom Hearts: In the Heart Of The Celestial Realm
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist/Player Character (you can control her in-game)
Age Biologically 19 (was in deep sleep in 500 years ago, stopped aging), Chronologically 3000's
Gender Feale
Alignment Good
Home World The Celestial Realm
Other residences Land Of Departure/Destiny Islands/Twilight Town/Traverse Town
Weapon Keyblade (long)
Attribute Light, Fire, Void,
Status Alive/Active
English Voice Michelle Ruff (previously), Grey DeLisle-Griffith (now)
Japanese Voice ?
Lumina is the Keyblade Teacher and the powerful sorceress, the OC (Carl Fernandez or CPanda8) She is the one of the five main protagonists of the series.

Not only she is the final and 13th Princess of Heart, she is also the keyblade apprentice of Fulmen. Later, she becomes a Keyblade Master, much to her younger sisters' envy and dismay for failing to take exams on Keyblade Mastery. She teaches citizens of Daybreak Town to study in school.

Lumina is the second Princess of Heart after Kairi to wield a Keyblade. Yet, she only the Princess of Heart to become a Keyblade Master. She uses Dark Magic without any negative effects. 

Her name means Light in Feminine Latin.

Apperance. Edit

Her age is on early 20s. Her hair is as long and near indestructible like Rapunzel's.

She has some world forms. In Nightmare Before Christmas, her form is of a strict teacher with nun outfit with red glasses and orange goggles.

In Monster's Inc world, her form takes completely in angel's form like Auriel's, instead of a monster; Hardscrabble describes her as the most fearsome creature.

In Toy Story World, her form is more of a Barbie Doll.

In Space Paranoids/The Grid world, her clothing is red and white lights with a light being benign, but not like Sark whose color is malign. It doesn't mean she is evil!

In Atlantica, her form is the Siren.

Personality Edit

Lumina may be a very strict and orderly teacher who is tough but fair where students were studying in Daybreak Town, yet she is the stern maiden to deal with bad rascals to correct what is wrong, and to reward them what is right; although she deals with 3 Keybladers who complain to some places that are complicated. Within her harsh exterior and interior is a maiden with justice and righteousness. Apart from being overly strict person towards her unruly students who ran away, she is extremely forgiving and passively empathetic, her heart is pure heart of pure light, completely negating evil and darkness from both inside and outside, in order to be totally free from any strains of corrupting qualities (which would not make anyone a pure heart), which makes her the thirteenth and the last Princess of Heart. She becomes confident along with Fulmen and the 3 of the rest. She is completely immune to corrupting influence like sexual perversion, pride, greed. Her nobility never fades away.

She has the nurturing and strong bonds with her students who were rebellous against her.

She is s very sweet person. She is good at making Ice Cream Treats and potions. Like Kairi and Princesses of Heart, Lumina cannot succumb to darkness and evil once her heart is lost and is in deep sleep and coma.

Powers/Weapons/Abilities Edit

Lumina wields the longest keyblade which certain Keyblades cannot fight far away. She has the magic on near par with Yen Sid's. She wields Holy and Fire based magic. She also uses Dark Magic without negative effects. It's best that she may be as frail as Umbrae, Sanguia or Tempus. Her lowest defense makes up for high Magic; she takes double damage from non-elemental physical attacks. As the thirteenth and final Princess of Heart, she uses eternal light provided by Auriel. She also uses her command style like Vermillion Phoenix, Crimson Nights, Nocturnal Blaze, Daybreak Light as magical ones. She is very skilled with magic like Sanguia's.

Quotes Edit

  • Evil dark fairy, why did you swallow and destroy the Disney worlds? (to Maleficent)
  • Sorceress of time, you distorted the time with its time compression... (to Sorceress ultimecia).
  • Students, please stop interrupting our discussion and talking please. Otherwise you might fail mark of exam if you don't do it properly. (to students)
  • Fulmen, although I was your apprentice so thank you for letting me become Keyblade master.
  • Sisters, if you dare hunt me and take my heart of light away, there is no way back!
  • Auriel has assisted us, Hardscrabble.
  • Keyblade Warriors, we have discussions that Daybreak Town and Land of Departure was long ago.
  • Lady Xehanort, why did you send two of my sisters as spies? (to Lady Xehanort)
  • I remember Riku.
  • Let go of my students, please. (To Mad Jacks at Fransokyo world)
  • My tall student, I am not sure if you are welcome to fight for me and our side of good. (To Gladiolus Amicitia)
  • "Three Mad Jacks are abducting my poor innocent students."
  • "Frollo, you must stop the madness!"
  • "The Coachman, you are nothing but a monster to innocent children, even to my students."
  • "The Coachman fell to his death as he was corrupted to the core as eternal darkness consumed him conpletely, Fulmen."