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Holy Blade Order NewsEdit

The Holy Blade Order News is the Segment for Kingdom Hearts: The Holy Blade Order.

This series is Hosted by Benevolence, Niko Bellic and a Carjacker.

Holy Blade Order News I

Holy Blade Order News II

Holy Blade Order News III (Final Episode)

Lucky News!Edit

Lucky News! is a Segment hosted by Ayano Katagiri� (Who is Actually Malevolence), Benevolence Laces Crystalised, Niko Bellic and the Carjacker from the Holy Blade Order News. This segement also awnser's questions given to Malevolence. To ask a question you may. Go Here.

Lucky News! Episode I

Lucky News! Episode II

Malevolence's DiaryEdit

Is a series of what Malevolence does in the Order and Remnant Trinity.

Page One

Page Two

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