Origin Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Alias Crazy Old Maurice
Type Somebody
Role Support Character
Home World Beast's Castle
Family Prince Adam (son-in-law)

Belle (Daughter)

Status Alive
Maurice is the father of Belle who had married Prince Adam. He was insulted Crazy Old Maurice by the villagers.


After Sora meets with Prince Adam and Belle during a dinner party, Maurice leaves for the village to work on a project. Although he shows it to the tavern Gaston was at, he was still called crazy when the project malfunctions and is tossed back to the streets. While working on it in a library, Gaston takes Maruice as leverage to get Belle to marry him. Gaston then heard that Adam was turned into the Beast and brings Maurice along as a hostage during the assault on the castle. Those loyal to Prince Adam, servants and guards fight off the attackers while Maurice is taken by Gaston to the Beasts chambers. As Gaston threatens to Sora that Belle marry him, the Beast and Sora begin their fight with the mad hunter. Near defeat, Gaston then takes Maurice as a human shield and then demands that Belle divorce Adam or the inventor dies. Gaston began to gloat that even when fighting together, Sora and his friends would have to think twice before taking on Gaston but the Beast saves Maurice at the last second and kills Gaston. Maurice then stays in the castle to recover from the ruckus.