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Kana マヤ(Maya)
Origin Avalon's Eclipse (2015)
Alias Mai
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 14 (Wreck-it Ralph 2)
18 (Kingdom Hearts: Nightfall Rose)
Home World Destiny Islands
Other residences City of Superheroes
Family Sora (Twin Brother)Candlehead (Adopted younger sister)
Justin Young (husband)
Princess Thorn (Daughter)
Jason, Johnny, and Joey (Adopted Triplet Sons)
Kairi (sister-in-law)
Michelle (Niece)
Keiko (Niece)
Tenku (nephew)
Weapon Shooting Star Keyblade
Attribute Sky
Status Alive
English Voice Emily Osment
Japanese Voice Megumi Toyoguchi
"Jack, I promise I'll always be there... even if we're not together..."
—Maya to Jack Frost

Maya Iniya Prasad is the younger twin sister of Sora and the secondary deuteragonist of the Kingdom Hearts series. She is voiced by Emily Osment.


Maya is kind and has a great sense of humor like her nobody, Miriam. She is immature and very flirty most of the time. As an adult, she matures and is very motherly, but still has her sense of humor. Maya is also shown to be disrespectful and violent. Though shy, cowardly, goofy, and cheerful, Maya also has a tough side, which is shown in Wreck-it Ralph 2 when she tells Darien to "get his [lazy] tushie back in line" and punches him in the face. Like Sora, Maya is childish, kind, awkward, free-spirited, fearless, and optimistic.

Although she refuses to admit it, Maya is also a talented singer, in Wreck-it Ralph 2, she sings a parody of For the First Time in Ever from the film Frozen.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Maya is a strikingly beautiful and attractive teenage girl, inheriting her birth mother's brown hair and light blue eyes. She is mainly barefoot.

Her preferred outfit is a long turquoise shirt with a sun design, lime pants, and rainbow shoes, which have been worn in many promotional posters and merchandise for Luna Tempest and Wreck-it Ralph 2.

Her Duchess gown in her film debut (which is also worn when she attends Ralph and Elsa's wedding at the end of Wreck-it Ralph 2), is an evening dress with purple ribbon on a blue top, pink short sleeves, long white gloves, a matching pearl necklace, lime green earrings, a yellow skirt with a red ribbon tied to it, and light pink glass slippers.

In Maya's Sugar Rush form, she is 3'5", has a long brunette pony tail, wears a white t-shirt, blue shorts, and golden boots. For some reason, her eyes are green instead of light blue.

In Chiaro Academy, she is taller than her older brother, wears a t-shirt similar to the shirt Sora wore as a young boy, (but green instead of white), gray shorts, and long dark blue boots.



Justin YoungEdit


Maya is very close to Fluffy.

Jack FrostEdit

As a child, Mariya was close to Jack, until Pitch attempted to use their bond for his plot to engulf the worlds in darkness. Maya's memories of Jack were wiped out and replaced with her playing by herself.


She loves her twin brother.

Vanellope von SchweetzEdit

Vanellope and Mariya are close.

Pen von SchweitzerEdit

Pen and Mariya never interacted, but made eye contact.


Maya is very overprotective of Candlehead, but she still loves her younger sister.

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Maya had first met Shadow in Wreck-it Ralph 2 when she fell from the window into his arms. Their friendship is not revealed until the film's climax when they team up to save Ralph from the MCP's wrath.


Maya is close to Rapunzel.


Maya  looks up to Elsa.


Maya adores Anna and is close to her.

Wreck-it RalphEdit

Fix-it Felix, Jr.Edit

Sergeant CalhounEdit

Like Elsa, Maya looks up to Calhoun.

Wreck-it RachelEdit

Maya is close to her friend, but a bit overprotective.

Rhomman DeyEdit

"He was like... a father to me..."
—Mariya about Rhomman Dey

Other AppearancesEdit

Wreck-it Ralph 2Edit

Maya is one of the main protagonists.

Chiaro AcademyEdit

Maya is a teacher at Chiaro Academy.




  • "My name is Maya..."
  • "Are you...?"
  • "Oh, Jack!"

In BattleEdit

  • "Yeah!"
  • "Bring it on!"


  • Gun
  • Shuriken
  • Disc
  • Frosty Lip Gloss
  • Baseball Bat


Shooting Star KeybladeEdit

Shooting Star Keyblade

Keyblade of AvalorEdit


Lorde - A World Alone (Lyrics)

Lorde - A World Alone (Lyrics)

Journal EntriesEdit

Kingdom Hearts: Avalon's EclipseEdit

Entry 1Edit

Sora's long lost mysterious and beautiful twin sister. She, along her best buddy Oswald, is assisting her brother and co. and helping .
She fell out of the sky and into a wheelbarrow of hay in Avalon's Eclipse (2014).

Entry 2Edit

A young woman who is Sora's twin sister.
She's teaming up with her twin brother and helping him find the 13th and final Dark Shard

Kingdom Hearts: Remnants of the PastEdit

Entry 1Edit

A young lady who wields the legendary Keyblade of Avalor.
She has a strange connection with a mysterious boy in blue.

Entry 2 Edit

A clumsy princess who is also Sora's twin sister.

Entry 3Edit

A young woman who wields a keyblade.
She's gotten her memories of spending time with Jack back to her. Now she'll do whatever it takes to defeat Pitch and protect the worlds from darkness.
Avalon's Eclipse (2014)


  • Mariya's name was originally going to be Miharu.