World Info Edit

The Media Dimension is the world of television that was once ruled by Rez. This is the world that exists inside a television set. Television programs and movies are actually real inside. After the first visit the media dimension was liberated from Rez's rule yet Rez tried to take over it again. Rez never did get his power back again. It composed of many movie like places and is where the Gex games take place. The Media Dimension is different in each Gex game and it forms the hub world for Gex. You can view all the levels just by walking around the Media Dimension. In Deep Cover Gecko Gex can access the Media Dimension through the Gex Cave.

Gex Cave Edit

The GexCave is Gex's secret underground lair located in the Media Dimension. It is Gex's shortcut to get into TV's. It consists of four areas

  1. Mission Control
  2. Lake Flaccid
  3. Slappy Valley
  4. Funky Town

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