Episodes from the PastEdit

Aftermath of the Holy Blade OrderEdit

Ayano KatagiriEdit

  1. Remnant
  2. Gunned Down
  3. (Deleted) The Delivery...

The World is MineEdit


  1. The Call
  2. The Call...Again

Kyle RemnantEdit

  1. SupaSave!
  2. D.O.N.
  3. A Kingdom Full of Hearts
  4. A Hole Too Far

Jason VoorheesEdit

  1. The 13th

Kyle RemnantEdit

  1. Bomb Da Base Again!
  2. Hello's and Goodbyes

Ayano KatagiriEdit

  1. Hello Mister Cipriani

Toni CiprianiEdit

  1. The Mute Guy
  2. Kill the guy with no name that killed my boss.

Ayano KatagiriEdit

  1. See Ya Toni

This ends the Arc.

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