Naltin is a 17 year old male who is known as Protector of the Creatures who helps be on the search of King Mickey. He first finds the Sleeping Lion keyblade in the middle of the woods along with his friend Jenny. He was the 2nd apprentice to Merlin after Arthur.After hearing that

During the middle of winter Natlin and Jenny start hearing loud gunshots in the forest.He and Jenny then decide to see what's going on.Natlin notices a hunter leaving during the middle of hunting season he then sees the broken antlers of a deer.He then tests the keyblade on the hunter which destroys his rifle and the hunter runs off.

Kana なtりん
Romaji Natlin
Alias Jenny Bambi
Role Guardian of the Creatures and Wizard Apprentice
Age 17
Gender Male
Family Uknown
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Forest
Natlin starts hearing Bambi calling for his mother he then goes over to Bambi who starts to feel scared from Natlin and pets Bambi.Bambi then goes into Natlin's lap and sleeps.Natlin then picks him up holding him in his arms.The Great Prince then arrives in the form of a spirit and says that Natlin has been chosen to be the Guardian of the Creatures. Natlin agrees to this and Bambi becomes his main summoner.Thus a new keyblade hhas been created known as Missing Mom.


He can talk to animals with the power of his Keyblade Sleeping Lion
Magic Missing Mom


Bambi-Bambi is the main summon of Natlin.After his mom passes on,Natlin goes up to him and starts to get close to him in which Bambi gets frightened by but sees Natlin's trust and gets petted by Natlin.Bambi then gets on Natlin's lap and falls asleep. In which Natlin holds Bambi in his arms.Bambi then becomes Natlin's main summon and sidekick.

Copper-(Fox and the Hound)


Scamp(Lady and the Tramp II)

Roo (Winnie The Pooh)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit