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Nevx Days
Original Name Ven
Alias The Sorcerer's Key
Weapon Buster Blade
Attribute Light

Nevx is the Nobody of Ven in Kingdom Hearts: Path of Destiny. He was created when Xemnas cut Ven's face.

Journal EntryEdit

OrganizationXIII's Number XII. He commands Light and carries a strange type of buster blade.


Nevx bears some strong resemblance to Zexion, however, he has bright red hair as opposed to Zexion's shade of blue. He wears the standard Organization XIII Black Coat.


  • "Hey, you need to lighten up."


  • "Come on you can do better than that"
  • "You've brought this upon yourself!"
  • "I will... I WILL DESTROY YOU" (Limit activated)


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