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Niko Bellic in The Final Remnant mission, "The American Dream Returns"

Niko Bellic is a major character in Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant, and makes multiple apperances in Malevolence's Diary.


Grand Theft Auto IVEdit

See: Niko Bellic

The Final Remnant ArcEdit

Are you sure your the Main Characther?Edit

Niko Bellic makes an apperance in the "Are you Sure You're the Main Character?" chapter. In this storyline, Niko Bellic makes a deal with the Saint's Row to exterminate the remaining Angels of Death. He completes this task, and is made a high-ranking member by Ayano Katagiri. As a result, Xin became angry at Ayano. Niko Bellic also tells Xin to help little Jacob, who is in trouble with the LCPD. Finishing this mission will unlock the second weapon store. After the event, Niko Bellic tells Xin to avenge Kate, his love interest, and kill the final batch of Mafia, who attack him constantly. Niko Bellic offers his assistance in this mission. After this, the mission "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" is unlocked to search for Niko Bellic's brother, Roman Bellic in Portland. This mission fully unlocks the Portland region for exploration, and special missions from Toni Cipriani. Later in the story, after Ayano's missions, Niko Bellic will call Xin into a gunfight in a alleyway. Xin immediately runs to the area, quickly being gunned down. However, unlike his usual unluckiness, Niko Bellic is alive and brought to a hospital. Roman Bellic's line of missions are then unlocked.


  • Niko Bellic is a character originally from Grand Theft Auto IV.

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