Ninjaman - Samuraiman ~ Ninjor
Origin Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (1994)
Alias Samuraiman, Ninjor
Type Somebody
Role Ally
Home World Earth
Weapon Katana
Status Alive
English Voice Joey D'Auria
Japanese Voice Kazuki Yao
Ninjaman is an ally of the Kakurangers and a disciple of the Three God Generals. In battle, he can grow giant, and then change into Samuraiman.

Personality Edit

Ninajaman might be an overconfident, overzealous klutz who would rush into battle without planning or thinking first, but he is dedicated to justice. Whenever an enemy calls him a "blue squirt" or a "novice", he gets angry to the point where he transforms into Samuraiman.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite Demonizer taking the precaution of not calling him "blue squirt", Ninjaman can now turn into Samuraiman on his own will, and right before he would do so, he exclaims, "Evil makes me so angry!!", which is exactly what his Power Rangers counterpart, Ninjor, would say before transforming.
  • The name SamuraiMan was used for a one-off enemy in a Mega Manmini-series that was made before Kakuranger first aired.

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