Remnant is the first mission in Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant


Xin is ordered to take December to Alderney in order to be a member of Saint's Row.


Ayano Katagiri: Wha? Donate to the childeren's fund? Why? What did the childeren do for me?

  • Hangs the phone
  • The Phone Rings Again

Ayano Katagiri: Oh... Hello?

Saint's Row Member: Haruhi is in town.

Ayano Katagiri: What!? but that wa-was planned next year!?

Saint's Row Member: Reasons Unknown Mam.

Ayano Katagiri: Hmm... I know just the person to take her...

  • the scene cuts to Xin and Jason Voorhees

Xin: What... I'm gonna take some tweleve year old kid to the Row?

Jason Voorhees: ...

Xin: Damn what does she think of me a School Bus Driver? I'm a Damn Capo!

Jason Voorhees: ...

Xin: Let's get this over with.

Go to Alderney's Airport.


Xin: Hey kid where are ya?

Saint's Row Member: She is in the car.

Xin looks and sees December in the car.

Xin: What the...?

December: ...

Xin: A mute kid huh?

Saint's Row Member: We have no information about that.

Xin: Geez you guys act like damn robots.

Drive December to the Hideout


Xin: Hello! is this the School Bus Kid to Killer delivery spot?

Niko Bellic: Haha very funny.

Xin: It sure is this kid just appeared like magic in the car!

December: I will see you later Xin.

Xin: You talk huh kid? Ha thought you didn't.

Mission Completed!


Ammu-Nation is Unlocked along with Gunned Down (Ayano Katagiri).

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