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Robin Hood is an important character in the Nottingham arc of Kingdom Hearts: Heartspawn.

Robin Hood
Type Fox
Role Protagonist/Supporting Character
Home World Nottingham
Weapon Sword, Bow and Arrow


Robin Hood was the main protagonist in the Disney film, Robin Hood. It was based off of the legends of old English hero by the same name.


Robin is a red anthropomorphic fox wearing a green shirt, a black leather belt and a green cap with a long, red feather. He is sometimes seen with arrows or crossbow bolts stuck in his cap; proof that he lives a dangerous life and has an even more dangerous job.


Robin is famous throughout England as an notorious outlaw who steals from the rich and gives his loot to the poor. Robin sees this as justice, since the money he steals is usually the tax money that the wicked Prince John and his henchman, the "Sheriff of Nottingham", take from the poor people of Nottingham. Although he has a huge bounty on his head and is hated by The Prince, the townsfolk look up to Robin as a local hero. He is known for his sly, but generous personality and his natural skill in weaponry. He is greatly loved and respected by his "partners in crime", The Merry Men.


Before Blain and his friends arrived in Nottingham, Robin had been caught by the Sheriff and put in jail. Upon request by his merry men, Blain and co. broke him out and escaped the castle. Later, the friends helped Robin break into the castle in order to steal tax money, but were found out by the Sheriff and his goons. After defeating the Sheriff and escaping, the friends departed for the next world, bidding farewell to Robin and his gang.

Weapons, Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Robin is a master in both swordplay and archery. He fights with his broadsword when at close range, but rains arrows down on his foes when at a distance. He can cast fire magic as well. His limit break is as follows:

Marksman's Edge --- Robin and Blain stand back-to-back; Robin readies his bow while Blain charges his keyblade. Images of the attack buttons will appear on the screen. You (the player) must hit an attack button when its image appears. When it is pressed correctly, Blain and Robin will fire projectiles at their enemies. If you land all of the buttons, Blain will toss Robin into the air. As Robin loads his bow in midair, you must tap the attack button over and over until Robin's "limit bar" is full. If you succeed, Robin will fire several arrows that rain down on the enemies.


"I'm not a thief! I give money to the poor......stolen money that is..."

"I've been stuck in this slammer for days. Care to help a fellow out?"

"The prince's money? The prince's throne?!? That money belongs to the people of this town! And that throne belongs to the king, not his idiot brother!!!"