When Angels Attack! Fly on the Wings of Courage!

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When Angels Attack! Fly on the Wings of Courage! is the sixth episode of Superhero Keyblade Wars.

Plot Edit

Kairi and Gosei Blue enlist the aid of the legendary demon slayer Dante, to take down a faux-religious white supremacist cult spreading lies about Demonizer's reasons for attacking Earth.

Cast Edit

  • Kairi: Hayden Panettiere
  • Gosei Blue: Kento Ono
  • Datas: Koki Miyata
  • Tensouder: Ikuya Sawaki
  • Dante: Reuben Langdon
  • White Supremacist: Matt Stone

Notes Edit

  • First appearances of Gosei Blue, Datas, and Dante.
  • This episode pays homage to Bayonetta:
    • The part of the title comes from the Angel Attack! mini-game.
    • Dante's quote, "A half-demon and a half-angel(addressing Gosei Blue) working together: this should be fun!", references fan pairings of Dante and Bayonetta, and the similarity of their respective games of origin.
  • The pub where Kairi and Gosei Blue first meet Dante is called the Sneezy Rhino, in reference to the premise of a Beast Wars episode called "The Low Road".
  • At the Sneezy Rhino, there is a white nationalist ranting about how he believes Demonizer is invading Earth to punish humanity for allowing interracial love pairings and ships between people of different colors and races to exist. This commentary on interracial couples references Dante's half-human/half-demon heritage, as well as Bayonetta being born to a Lumen Sage and an Umbra Witch, and various fan-based, and sometimes non-canon, pairings.
    • The fact that the racist man considers interracial couples (e.g., a white guy and a black girl falling in love and/or marrying), to be a "sin against the rules of nature" references how Bayonetta was seen as a "forbidden child". Also, his talk of Demonizer's threats to destroy Earth unless humankind embraces racism instead of rejecting it(something that also foreshadows the appearance of Dick Tater), is reflected by his passionately regarding "Neon Genesis Evangelion" as a cryptic cautionary tale about the dangers and consequences of interracial love and allowing these such unions to happen and produce bi-/multi-racial offspring, which makes some sense, due to some aspects of Bayonetta being inspired by that anime.
      • Speaking of Evangelion, the forged religious tract that the racist guy created and uses to justify his bigotry is likely a spoof of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which foretell of the Third Impact and contain information about other related subjects, like the eponymous techno-organic mecha.