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"Eat till you explode!"
—Marco's Bistro's Slogan
Saint Mark's Bistro

Saint Mark's Bistro, or Marco's Bistro, is an Italian restaurant located in Alderney, Liberty City, and the first area shown in the intro of Kingdom Hearts: The Holy Blade Order. This is also the studio of Holy Blade Order news after the death of two major Mafia Leaders.


Holy Blade Order ArcEdit

Malevolence Ribbons Crystalised went to Marco's Bistro past by Lucian eating at Marco's Bistro before throwing a Granade at him. Also a gunfight behind the resturaunt with Revive and Zach.

Kingdom Hearts: The Final RemnantEdit

This is the area where Kyle gives Lucian commands.


  • Marco's Bistro slogan "Eat till you explode!" is an Ironic reference to the death of Lucian.
  • Ayano Katagiri calls Marco's Bistro "Saint Mark's Bistro" which is a reference to Salvatore Leone who calls Marco's Bistro "Saint Mark's Bistro" in the mission of the same name at Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Revive's death is a reference to Sonny Forelli's death (renamed as "Forelli" in GTA: SA) as both are high ranking members in a Mafia.
  • Saint Marco's Bistro is not really an area in Alderney but in Portland.

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