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Here are Saules abilities for the KHL Role Playing. His Starting Abilities are first then Upgrades are second.


Starting Abilities Edit

Regular Attacks Edit

Uppercut   Attacks enemy with a clentched fist. Sends foes into air allowing for Aerial Blades or other air combos.

X-Slash     Strikes with keyblade in an X-shape.

Skullbreaker   Strikes enemy from over head. Slower than most regular attacks.

Dark Sabre    Attacks with blade burning with darkness.

Key Thrust     Closes in on enemy and stabs with keyblade.

Aerial Blades  Initiates an air combo. Lasts for 4 hits normally.

Furious Combo  Initiates a ground combo. Lasts for 3 hits normally.

Thrice    Attacks with keyblade, then fist, then darkness. Maximun damage

Finishers Edit

Banish  All non-boss affected enemies that have less then 40% HP are vanquished. All other enemies receive .5 dark damage. Shorter combos initiate Banish.

Dark Cry   Inflicts great dark damage.

XIII Rapiers  Saule slashes at the speed of light 13 times.

Special Moves Edit

Dark Firaga  Fires a dark-blue fireball of dark energy.

Falling Kurai  Teleports into the air then falls upon enemy inflicting dark damage and weapon damage.

Haymaker   A charged punch lands on foe.

Dark Remedy  Heals Saule by 40% Max HP.

Limits/Drives Edit


Nightthorn Drive Form

Support Edit

Dark Boost


Fighting Spirit

Desperate Speed

Air Combo Plus

Upgrade Abilities Edit

Regular Attacks Edit

Bullet Punches

Aerial Doom

Finishers Edit

Special Moves Edit

Dark Cannon

Zero Gravity, Zero Graviara, Zero Graviaga


Dark Tendril


Limits Edit

Support Edit

Combo Plus



Finishing Plus


Defensive Crisis

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