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Sens (センズ, senzu, Pronounced "senz") is the name of the worldwide currency in the Avastar: Kingdom Hearts universe.

The name is based off of the word "cents", a currency.

On real life terms, 100 Sens is equal to ten dollars or 1000 yen. Another example would be 104 sens equals $10.40 or 1040 yen.

Obtaining Sens Edit

There are a few ways to obtain Sens in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts.

The easiest way to find Sens is to defeat enemies, like Heartless, as most of them tend to drop Sens. However, Sens can simply be found in treasure chests, ranging from 50 to 50,000 Sens.

Another way to obtain Sens is to sell items.

Losing Sens Edit

Currently, the only way to lose Sens is to purchase something. Basically, spending it.

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