Sure, I sense Shadow (BoC)'s prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Type Human
Role Antagonist
Weapon His hands
Status Alive
"I hate you so much. She trusted you...and she loved you like a big sister...and you left her in the pit of the desert to die!"
—Shadow to Rexkei

Shadow is a human who accompanies Xaktie and claims to know her in when she was a human. He pesters her with questions about her past life often to her annoyance. Rexkei bugs him by saying that he has a crush on Xaktie. He unlike Xaktie has some involement with Kingdom Come merely giving them hints on Rexkei's whereabouts because of his big dislike of her. He is also very skilled in martial arts able to knock Rose out by hitting her in her weak point,her neck.  He also teases Rose whenever he meets her.

Quotes Edit

"I don't take handouts and I don't help my enemies Rexkei. By now you should know that."

"I'm not with this demon of a nobody because I want too. There's something that needs to be done that only I can do."

"In the end it always ends up the same for me. A neverending cycle of lies and despair."

Battle Quotes Edit

"One victory never means one godly person but then again it never hurts."(when winning)

"Rexkei your end is here time to face it like a nobody!"(when defeating Rexkei)

"Power i've been hiding time to come out!"(when activing kung-fu surge)

"You're stronger then i thought you would be".(when defeated)

"You must be joking how can i lose to you?!"(when defeated by Rexkei)

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