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Sole Tarot
Spectre Concept
Type Nobody
Role Protagonist
Age 16
Family sister; Luna Tarot
Weapon Shield
Attribute Fire
Status Alive

"I say you're all crazy - and this 'leader' of ours is no better!" -Sole



Joining the DhCEdit

The War on KamiEdit

Evolution ArcEdit

Clone Crisis ArcEdit

The Madman ArcEdit

Defeating the Assassins ArcEdit

Leaving the CoalitionEdit



Unlike most of the people considered protagonists in the Kingdom Hearts Legacy universe, Sole has an extremely critical personality, often going as far to openly insulting and being hostile towards Xelak and Rez. He often accuses Xeron of being a baby, and once called Spectre "that emo bastard". The only two people he seems not to insult are Stylia, because he claims he sympathizes with her predicament of dealing with "all the other idiots in this castle", and, of course, his sister. Although Luna claims that his hostility stems from his want to protect her, Rez returns his hostility, Xeron continues to mess with him, and Xelak simply ignores him (although the latter has often theorized that his personality also comes from the fact he willingly gave in to his darkness).

Despite all this, everyone recognizes him as a crucial member of the team, and his cold rationality often keeps things from getting too out of hand between Xeron's enthusiasm and Xelak's gung-ho attitude. Often, he is assigned the position of "meat cleaver", meaning he acts as a solid and powerful wedge into the enemy, causing severe damage while the others move into a more strategical position. He also served as Janus' bodyguard on Mnemosyne, because he wields a shield.


Sunspot: A simple magical attack. Sole sends a small sphere of Fire energy at an enemy. Similar to Xeron's "Wishing Star" ability.

Solar Storm: A powerful magical/melee attack. Sole wreaths his shield in Fire and whirls around the battlefield.

Hikage: A powerful and dangerous magical technique. Sole cloaks himself in Fire and Darkness and unleashes powerful attacks on enemies.


Generic Theme:

Battle Theme:

Boss Theme:

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