Adult Sora
Origin Kingdom Hearts
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 35
Home World Destiny Island
Weapon Keyblade (Kingdom Key)
Attribute Light
Status Keyblade Master
English Voice Haley Joel Osmett
Japanese Voice Takuto Yoshinaga
"We heroes of the realm of light have an important role, to protect the worlds from darkness by any means. Although, my role is no longer a protector. Now my role is to train who I believe will be the one to save everything. And that person is you."
—Sora to Nero

Sora is a Keyblade Master and the main protagonist of the original Kingdom Hearts series. He is now a main/supporting role as Nero Hikari's master in the seriesGenesis: Kingdom Hearts


Sora is a man  with spiky brown hair cut shorter then it used to be, blue eyes, tanned skin, and a lanky yet muscular build. He wears the same necklace he wore in his younger years.


Sora has changed quite a bit over the years, although he does still retain most of his personality. He has become less impulsive, jumping into situations much less often. He's also become wiser and more mature. He has however retained his laid-back attitude and is just as loose and mellow as he was before.


As an adult, Sora has become far more powerful. He is strong enough to lift and throw a Behemoth heartless with one hand. His magic has become so powerful that he obliterated a wave of heartless in just one light wave.

As A BossEdit

Main article: Sora (GKH)/Boss

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