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The Deceased
Name The Deceased
Members Selena
Ricki Tan
Role Antagonist
Story Kingdom Hearts: Resurrection

The Deceased (故人, kojin) is a group of Keyblade-wielding Nobodies whose complete beings have been killed.

The Creation Edit

The Deceased was formed after the fall of Organization XIII. Selena was the one to create the group. After her somebody died, she was all alone in the world. She was looking for power and people to share that power with. She decided to create a group specially made for those without living somebodies.

  1. Selena
  2. Chris
  3. Ellis
  4. Jayden
  5. Ricki Tan


These Nobodies have one common goal: to have the ultimate power of darkness. The have the power of darkness while their somebodies contain the power of light, making them comepletley different.


All members of the group have the power of darkness, but only four of them have another power along with it:

  • Selena: Earth
  • Chris: Wind
  • Ellis: Water
  • Jayden: Fire


The Deceased all wear a black kimono-like outfit, similar to those of Soul Reapers. The males of the group wear hakama. On the side of their outfit is a lining of fabric, which is a different color for each member (for example, Ricki's is red). They all wear black shoes.

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