The Final Six
Name The Final Six
Members Six
Role Antagonist
Story Kingdom Hearts: Heartspawn

The Final Six (最後の六, saigo no roku, lit. Last Six) is a group of six Nobodies that serve as the main antagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Heartspawn.



The Final Six was started as a secret project done by the late Organization XIII. The project began a few days before Roxas' birth when Xemnas sugested that a back-up-plan for the Organization should be prepared. The twelve members sought out respectable nobodies to become their successors. The six were brought to The Casle that Never Was and the project went into full swing. The tweleve Organization members split into six groups of two, each group training one of the subjects. The six subjects received the powers of their masters during the training. The project ended shortly before the Castle Oblivion mission. The six successors were presurved for the future in sleeping pods.

Kingdom Hearts: HeartspawnEdit

Shortly before Blain became a Keyblade Apprentice, the six were awakened from their deep sleep, inside the ruins of The World that Never Was. They discovered the fate of their masters and formed The Final Six. Their mission to restore Kingdom Hearts had begun. At first, they used the Madsouls to release hearts to Kingdom Hearts, but decided that this process was not fast enough. They learned about "Heartspawn", people with a heart made of two melded together. They first intended to capture Sora, but soon discovered a stronger heartspawn, namely, Blain. Their leader, Axon posted the five members in other worlds to capture Blain. However, their plan didn't go as expected, since Blain sent each of the members crawling back to the castle, defeated. When they discovered that Blain had come to The World that Never Was, they challenged him as he and his friends ascended their way up the castle. They were defeated for good; but not before Axon hinted that, someday, Kingdom Hearts would be completed and that Blain would be hopeless in achieving victory.


  1. Axon - Serves as the leader. Trained by Xemnas and Zexion.
  2. Xordon - The muscle of the outfit. Trained by Lexeaus and Marluxia.
  3. Xagna - The only female member. Trained by Vexen and Demyx.
  4. Zarnax - A sly and crafty strategist. Trained by Xigbar and Luxord.
  5. Sonax - A fast talking assassin. Trained by Xaldin and Larxene.
  6. Xensur - A strong willed warrior. Trained by Saïx and Axel.


  • The battle quotes of The Final Six are taken from their former masters. For example, Xensur uses Axel's "Burn, baby!" as well as Saïx's "Move aside!"

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