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The New Organization is a group of powerful Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts: Loved who are actually dedicated to helping Nobodies get their hearts back

Organization MembersEdit

I: Lyxiem; The Headstrong Racer

Leader of the group. Uses Speed as her element and wields Dual-bladed swords. Formerly known as Emily

II: Jaxen; The Fallen Angel

Weilds Wind and uses her Wings as weapons. Formerly Jane

III: Casiax; The Thoughtful Brute

Metal element, uses Gauntlets. Formerly Isaac

IV: Blacex/Black X; The Cheerful Imp

Uses Darkness and Polearms. Formerly Caleb

V: Xydoc; The Playful Sneak

Electricity and Axes. Formerly Cody

VI: Klexyl; The Dancer of Death

Life and Rods. Formerly Kelly

VII: Krax; The Enigmatic Soldier

Gravity and Spikes. Formerly Ark

VIII: Lexaxis; The Paradox Archer

Time and Bows. Formerly Alexis

IX: Atrax; The Coordinated Flame

Fire and Flails. Formerly Tara

X: Shaxle; The Manifestation of The Mind

Uses only his mind. Used to be Helas

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