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The Knights of the Terrestrial Order were founded by King Mickey of the Disney Kingdom to rid the worlds of lingering Heartless and later to thwart the nefarious doings of a race called the Ethereal. Mickey, and an older Sora, met a powerful Keyblader and aspiring keyblade smith by the name of Olet. This young man had the ability to forge Keyblades that could be wielded by simple mortals. The three being the only existing members, as Riku was lost in the Dark Realm, banded together with others. Mickey picked three valiant warriors from different worlds to be unofficial Keybladers and fight with him, Sora, and Olet. Olet crafted special keyblades for each that accented their abilities. Their fight was recorded in history. It was said to have been successful...except for an unseen miscalculation.

Members Edit

Current Edit


Past Edit

King Mickey of Disney Kingdom

Sora of Destiny Islands

Olet of Hollow Bastion

Vixie of the Land of the Dragons

Argus of Olympia

Kouken the Wanderer

Legacy Edit

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