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The Twenty-Six Keys
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Name The Twenty-Six Keys
Members Lei Hong (deceased)

Shiro Oita (deceased)

Elizabeth Valderrama (deceased)

Cris Wolferoes (deceased)

Hanzo Hasashi (deceased)

Jack Harkens (deceased)

Lea Sanmex (deceased)

Saeko Inoue (deceased)

Erika Roach (deceased)

Kori Moore (deceased)

Lobus Caecilius (deceased)

Joan of Arc (deceased)

Henrietta Lockwood (deceased)

Akemi Yamada (deceased)

Felice Calandrino (deceased)

Ino Suzuki (deceased)

Chiyo Sato (deceased)

Cristina Coronado (deceased)

Miyamoto Musashi (deceased)

Isis Nomura (deceased)

Alice Ravenswood (deceased)

Fabiola Felix (deceased)

James Conrad (deceased)

Zachary Freitas (deceased)

Alex Smith (deceased)

Jin Oita (deceased)

Role Legendary Keyblade Grandmasters (Ancient)
Story Kingdom Hearts: Generations
The Twenty-Six Keys were known in their times as one of the greatest Keybladers who had ever lived during the Great Keyblade War. Reaching the highest and most difficult rank of Grandmaster; they're best for their incredible strageties, great intellect, creating different methods and techniques for the Keyblade, and mostly their strong hearts.


Kingdom Hearts: GenerationsEdit


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