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These are the spells, skills, and abilities used by Thraxganb.


Fire, Fira, Firaga

Magnet, Magnera, Magnega

Command AbilitesEdit

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Guard Break
Ground finisher that can penetrate any guard or block.
3x normal attack.
Aerial Sweep
Horizontal area attack in the air.
Same as normal attack.
Retaliating Slash
When off-balance in the air, regain balance and counterattack the opponent.
Same as normal attack.
Aerial Finish
Multi-hit aerial finish to combos.
4.5x normal attack
Fulminating Darkness
A unidirectional Dark-energy attack that takes the form of a pulse-ray. Damage is based on Thraxganb's health.
4 * (10 * % of max HP)
Ruin Impendent
A multi-hit punch combo on one enemy, followed by a non-elemental explosion. Inflicts more damage earlier in battle, Thraxganb always begins with this move.
1000 - ((seconds elapsed / 15) * 50)
Flame Purge
Conjures eight swords that impale and paralyze the enemy, dealing massive physical damage. This is followed by an overpowered dual-elemental Fire/Dark blast. Swords hit one enemy, finisher hits all. Only used when under 40% max health, power of the blast increases inversely proportionate to HP after that point.
(Swords) 500x8; (blast) 3000 + (10 * % of HP lost)

Support/Growth AbilitiesEdit

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description
Once More
4 AP
{{{mp}}} MP
Maintain at least 1 HP after taking heavy damage.
Second Chance
4 AP
{{{mp}}} MP
Maintain at least 1 HP after being hit with a combo.
MP Rage (x2)
4 (total) AP
{{{mp}}} MP
Recovers moderate amount of MP when damage is sustained.
MP Hastega
4 AP
{{{mp}}} MP
MP Charge is completed much more quickly than normal.
Fire Boost
3 AP
{{{mp}}} MP
increases Fire damage.
1 AP
{{{mp}}} MP
Enables the user to see their opponent's HP and weaknesses.
Draw (x3)
9 (total) AP
{{{mp}}} MP
Draws in munny and orbs.
Combo Plus (x4)
4 (total) AP
Enables a seven-hit combo.
Air Combo Plus (x4)
4 (total) AP
Enables a seven-hit aerial combo.
Finishing Plus
3 AP
0 MP
Enables Thraxganb to have another finisher at the end of a combo.

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