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Tranquil Garden
Tranquil garden
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Tranquil Garden is a newly discovered world.

It seems to be a safe haven for all creatures, even the nobodies that have been found are harmless.

It is a very nature based area and if any heartless were to be found, none would be surprised if they had flower petals or leaves on their heads.


Garden EntranceEdit

The Garden Entrance is full of trees and plants, very sunny with a cool, refreshing breeze. It leads to the Forest.


Here is a small shrine in the middle of a clearing. It leads to River.


The Forest is an area that you must go through to reach the some areas.


This is a small clearing where Moogles and Chocobo play. It leads to River.


The Concave is a small path and concave.


Here, is a river with a small wooden bridge over it. It leads to Clearing, Shrine, and Stone Tablet.

Stone tabletEdit

This area contains a large stone tablet with a puzzle on it, resting in a dead end path.

If you complete the puzzle, a door will open, leading to the village.


This is not really a village but a town the size of Twilight Town. It was hidden when the heartless invaded the worlds.


Sylphan- a Keyblade wielder and the town's defender.

Kian- a young boy, and Sylphan's best friend

Cara- a young girl, she is extremely talented with magic.

Sopha- a young girl and cara's best friend.

Elha- the village elder.



None so far



  • All male resident's names coincedentally end in an, and all female's in a.

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