Sarah Serenity 1
Kana セアア・サーエナッティー
Romaji Sara Saaenattii
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Original Name Sarah Cowan
Alias Radiant Princess
Type Human
Role Ally
Age 24
Home World Earth-8702
Other residences Florida
Weapon Keyblade
Status Alive
English Voice Sarah Cowan
Japanese Voice Rica Matsumoto

Sarah Serenity is an original character being considered to appear in Superhero Keyblade Wars . She is a fictionalization of Sarah Cowan, creator of "Kairi Eats Hearts", as well as a new iteration of the recurring character, Princess Sarah, from the Final Fantasy series. Any information about her in SKW has not yet been canonized.



Sarah's default appearance by MMDKoala

Sarah's appearance is basically a Tetsuya Nomura-style cariacature of her real-life counterpart and voice actress, with a bigger bust and more shapely figure. She wears multiple outfits in between appearances, including those of other characters like Tifa Lockhart, though this does not confirm she is able to Schemata Shift , or has any other similar ability.

Costume Changes


Sarah is an overall complex character, who despises Kairi, a trait of which she is rather outspoken, yet exhibits positive qualities such as bravery, compassion, valuing frienship, maintaining a bright and cheery demeanor, and a dislike for bullying and disciplinarianism. Ignis appears to acknowledge her dislike for Kairi as being very similar to his own opinion of Sora and allows her to travel with him on occasion, even though, when they do, their relationship is like that between an overprotective, bitter old man with little to no respect for the younger generation, and his tomboyish daughter. She also idolizes and has a big crush on Sora, often flirting with him playfully or fantasizing about him, and desires to marry him despite his commitment to Kairi. Her favorite hobbies include cosplaying, gaming, modeling, singing, sewing, and writing romantic fan fiction involving herself and Sora.

Despite the degree of Sarah's hate for Kairi, she has the moral restraint as to not physically attack her in any way, so she takes it out on DeathTroopers instead, and Kairi similarly acts nice to Sarah, or even as a friendly rival at times. She also does not approve of Ignis' disdain towards Sora in particular (implying that she only associates with Ignis to get closer to achieving her dream of marrying Sora), and though her attempts to encourage Ignis to lighten up are generally futile, she never loses hope. As far as interactions with the other heroes Sora and his friends encounter during the Superhero Keyblade War, Sarah has a neutral, yet respectful attitude at the very least.

Sarah is also autistic, meaning she has trouble giving attention to certain subjects, and does not respond very quickly, though it's usually because she wants to think carefully before she speaks her mind. Her autism does not, however, inhibit her optimism, and wheras Ignis does not take her disability into consideration when arguing with her or just pressuring her for the response he desires, Sora, Riku and Kairi show her sympathy and understand her situation.

Musical Themes

Angel Rinoa

One of Sarah's alternate outfits, designed by MoogleOutFitters

Her battle theme is "Lady Fighter", sung by her seiyuu, Rica Matsumoto of JAM Project, which notably plays during battles involving her and Kairi, and was originally the opening theme of Sunrise Eiyuutan 2.

Another associated theme is "Go Five! Love Sick!", originally an insert song for Kyoko Hayase from Kyukyu Sentai GoGo V.


  • "Eight Princess of Light! Sarah Serenity!" - announcement
  • "What I want most in life is to love and be loved in be happy and bring happiness to those I love."
  • "Don't be scared, be hopeful."
  • "If you give up now, then the battle is already lost." - to Gai Ikari
  • "You wouldn't know fun if it took a dump on your face!" - arguing with Ignis
  • "All these extravagant politics and foreign policies are perhaps the biggest reasons why no one helps each other, and it proves not all rules are meant to be followed all the time."- about some of Dick Tater's laws. 
  • "What am I, the human iPhone!? Stop bossing me around!"


  • Sarah's relation with Kairi is extremely similar to that between Squidward Tentacles and Spongebob Squarepants. Also, the running gag about her wanting to marry Sora despite his inhibitions is exactly the same as Amy Rose's own infatuation with Sonic the Hedgehog .
  • Her dressing up as Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive characters is an homage to the fan series Dead Fantasy, which GokaiWhite is now interested in continuing or rebooting. Either way, he hopes to include Sarah as a main character in either of those series.

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