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On December 25, 2014, I, KeybladeSpyMaster, notified all you of a major announcement from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. That announcement took place on January 2, 2015. That announcement is Operation: Keychain.

Operation: Keychain is a mass-scale project, a joint operation by Chainoffire (administrator at The Keyhole), Xion4ever (administrator at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki), and KeybladeSpyMaster (administrator at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki). It is a plan of work for the year 2015 to increase traffic and recognition to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, The Keyhole, and the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki.

So what does this mean for this wiki? It means that we will be making an effort to reorganize this wiki for the purpose of attracting more users to post their fandom here. It means we will be re-instating an active site staff. It means that we will deal with vandalism more quickly, and provide a safe and open place for all ideas from the Kingdom Hearts Universe to be fleshed out here.

The first step right now is to establish an active staff and clean up whatever needs cleaning. The course of action I've chosen to take is to adopt this wiki, for which I would like to ask for your approval beforehand, as you guys are the ones that, like I said in my previous post, keep this wiki alive. This isn't a simple adoption where I'll be taking all the control. Upon completion of the process, I'll be actively searching for active and willing users to add to the wiki's staff. If you're interested, be sure to keep editing your pages constantly and making other quality edits.

Following that, we'll also update the site in whatever needs updating. The Main Page will get a much needed face-lift. Pages will have to be deleted that are marked for deletion.

We ask that you guys be willing to work with us from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and The Keyhole in this huge undertaking. We want this to be a revival for this wiki, to get it back on its feet. We want more traffic to come to this wiki, and for an active administration to be there to answer your needs and concerns.

As it says on the project page at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, this project is open to expansion. There's little on the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki because we'd like to know your thoughts. What do you guys want to see change? What kinds of things do you guys want this wiki to do? We want you guys to decide where you want to take this wiki, and how you want to get there. In addition, we encourage you guys to get to know each other, and those of us at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and The Keyhole.We're all really friendly people, and would love to get to know all of you!

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