I've recently come to recolor my friend's character curls/artwork, and I believe that a lot of his work may well be KHL worthy artwork.

I recently asked him if he'd be willing to draw some characters for us, but he told me that he's on a little drawing-break. but he might do it someday...

To show you some artwork, here is one of his characters (Charobal) remade as my character, Xiggie:

As you can see, this is some damm fine stuff :D I also found some of Charobal's mugshots, and of course I recolored them and changed him to Xiggie. The following mugs are shown below:

This is directed at the creator of KHL, Saule: I know that the following character artwork ideas of mine may not be like what you've imagined them to be, but that's all I've got for now! Oh, and I have to say that when you're creating a story along with other people, you have to open to changes/suggestions!
I mean, look at my character, Xiggie. At first, he was intended to look like Ven, with both sides of his clothes armored, but with blue/cyan hair [1], then TNE drew her first sketch, where he was aged a bit, then TNE drew more and more sketches, and he always changed a bit. In the end, when I saw Charobal, I found so many similarities between the two, so I decided to recolor him, and use that image!

I know that (for example) that Saule is supposed to look like you, but why don't you try and forget that, and think about what else it could be...?

OK, here are my character artwork ideas:

As you can see, this character (which my friend calls Lloyd) resembles Riku a whole lot (yes, my friend also loves Kingdom Hearts)

Another KH-character resemblance is made here, ya? Sora it I'm not mistaken :P (My friend called this character Amaterasu)

Yet another KH-character resemblance is made, I believe it's either Kairi or Naminé :P (My friend calls her Chie)

So, how are they? good? bad? not what you wanted*? comment!

* I can always change the colors!

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